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Hamilton wins 3rd straight in chaotic Saudi Arabian F1 race


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A messy race, but exciting nonetheless. Still don't understand why Hamilton crashed into Verstappen's back on a straight part, he didn't brake abruptly or followed the racing line. The last race will decide the champion ship, that's how F1 should be.

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Awesome, dominant performance by the GOAT. Cant see Mad Max being able to finish in front of Lewis in the last race.

Championship 8 coming up!

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Motor Racing

Watched this from 2:30 am, and it kept me awake until 5:00. Truth is stranger than fiction. Who saw all that happening?

Under the eyes of millions, and hammered on the anvil, both personalities clearly showed though. Hoping for a clean decision at the final round in Abu Dhabi next weekend .

(Bad crash in F2 earlier at the same circuit; I hope those drivers pull through.)

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Max keeping the officials very busy recently! If he had raced a bit cleaner he could have won that.

I've no idea what is going to happen in Abu Dhabi. It's going to be chaos again and I really don't mind which one of them wins, they've both been superb this season.

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Wha happen to Tsunoda

Hamilton wearing the Rainbow LGBTQ+ helmet in Saudi Arabia

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@Little Joey

The collision happened most probably due to where they were on the track, they were approaching the final corner before the pit straight and whoever was in second place crossing the DRM line would have the advantage. Both drivers knew this which is why the collision eventually happened. Hamilton wanted to stay behind Verstappen's car to stay on the racing line, and Verstappen wanted Hamilton to be off the racing line approaching the last turn to give him a better chance of getting to T1 first with the use of the DRM.

The FIA may need to create yet another rule that stops drivers giving a up a place before a DRM zone where they might be able to get that place back.

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Agreed, and it was Max’s race engineer who had advised him to choose a strategic spot to allow the overtake.

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Hamilton didn't know at that point that Max had been ordered to let him pass. FIA were extremely negligent in their communications, apart from with RB who they weirdly did a deal to keep Max in the race despite his repeated infractions. He's a very lucky boy, he should be well down the grid for Abu Dhabi.

I predict he'll run Lewis off the track on Sunday

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Verstappen drove like a mad man. His driving bordered on reckless. His style of driving was not entertaining.

It was amazing how Hamilton kept his cool driving on hard compound tires and drove around Verstappen when Verstappen's medium compound tires wore out.

Hamilton's consistency and patience won the day.

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Max wins the ‘Diver of the Day’ award in my book.

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