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Hamilton wins Spanish Grand Prix


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Let's see.........Verstappen who?

Schumacher 68 pole position

Hamilton 100 pole positions

Schumacher Spanish GP 6 wins

Hamilton Spanish GP 6 wins and counting

Schumacher 7 World Championships

Hamilton 7 World Championships and counting

Schumacher 91 Career victories

Hamilton 98 Career victories and counting

LOL! Hamilton is the GOAT!

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Numan you're going overboard here, sure Hamilton is a great driver, but he also has the best car car, backed up by an almost equal team mate. Verstappen had no choice to keep on going on those old tires, a pit inn would have meant losing his place to either Hamilton or Bottas. Such is the power of the Mercedes team. And even though Mercedes is underplaying their power, their cars are obviously more powerful when it matters most, not during the free training, but during the race.

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Yuki should not have criticized his car. Kaput. Gotta keep 'em sweet, like a camel or a mule, or they can refuse to follow your orders.

Despite Max's Honda engine being marginally faster, Mercedes gambled on Hamilton's strengths and Red Bull's weaknesses. Max was caught in the middle with no rubber, forced to pit and go for second, and fastest lap instead. But he made no mistakes this time. His time will come, very soon.

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Sad that Verstappen couldn't win.

Mercedes had the advantage of a second driver in good position. And also the Mercedes car seemed to have a much better race pace.

Hope that RedBull can improve it's car. And that Perez can drive more at the front, so that Max doesn't have to fight 2 Mercedes cars on his own.

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Lessons from the race:

Yuki needs to calm down. He is becoming more and more like an immature kid. Who says RB not having the fastest car? Max had the fastest lap. Hamilton is indeed the best. 100 poles and 98 wins, what more to say? And erased 22sec to eventually win it with skill and strategy. What else is there to argue? Give him the credit. Stop focusing on car power whenever someone wins. The driver always plays a big part. During FP, Yuki matches Max speed on certain sectors. So don't tell me AlphaTauri has equal power as RB? FFS!
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TheRedsToday  04:42 pm JST

3) Hamilton is indeed the best. 100 poles and 98 wins, what more to say? 

There's plenty more to say:

1) Mercedes started development almost 2 years before the annoucement that F1 rules would change to hybrid V6 turbo configuration. This was all done as a deal with the FIA so that Mercedes would agree to enter F1 while the GFC was still in effect (to counteract Toyota and BMW leaving), and start winning right from the beginning of the new rule change era. This meant that Hamilton could walk into the soon-to-be best team on the grid in 2013. He took full advantage of Schumacher's expertise in car development, making it the car to beat in 2014.

2) Hamilton is no better than Verstappen, Ricciardo, Vettel, Raikonnen (pre-Alfa Romeo) and I'll throw Sainz Jr. in there because I think he could win 8 championships easy in Hamilton's car, he's that underrated. But you see, that's the whole point. Anyone of those drivers could win multple championships in Hamilton's car, just like Hamilton could have won multiple championships in Vettel's 2010 - 2013 car.

3) There's nothing like a good wingman by your side. Bottas has been brilliant as the guy to screw up on cue at the behest of Mercedes team management. He either screws up on purpose to make Hamilton look good, or he screws up on purpose to help Hamilton to the win. Wingmen like are great.... OH, EXCEPT IN 2016 WHEN ROSBERG BEAT HAMILTON TO THE TITLE IN EQUAL MACHINERY.

The verdict? Rosberg is better than Hamilton, and the Mercedes car is the GOAT.

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Well done Lewis! He is definitely the GOAT of F1. The numbers simply dont lie. 2 more victories, and he will have 100 wins. He's already achieved more than Schumacher, Senna, Prost, Vettel...the lot.

Haters will keep hating, but no one will ever equal Lewis' achievements.

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Hamilton is driving the greatest F1 car. The side effect of that is winning everything for the last 9 seasons unchallenged, except in 2016 when Mercedes allowed Rosberg to challenge Hamilton for the driver's title.... and look what happened. Hamilton lost.

You can keep lauding Hamilton for winning everything and getting pole position 100 times (aka: giving the guy in by far the fastest car... ****a head start!!) but the truth is ANYONE in his car could do it. That does not, and never will constitute "the GOAT".

For the 100th time.... the Mercedes F1 W05-W12 is the GOAT.

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All this talk about goats and no one mentioned Takuma Sato? In sheer speed and overtaking capabilities he was fantastic. A few more years at BAR and he could have been a future world champion.

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All this talk about goats and no one mentioned Takuma Sato? In sheer speed and overtaking capabilities he was fantastic. A few more years at BAR and he could have been a future world champion.

Sorry. The Japanese GOAT is Kobayashi Kamui. 144 points in his career, vs 44 for Sato. Its no contest! Kobayashi was a real fast driver and should have been Japans first ever winner.

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What a genius guy!

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Lovely passionate folks here, but even the most die hard lh fan must admit that his succes lies for 80 percent in the cars he's driving. He's a great driver, but you can't call someone a goat with this kind of advantage, now can you? But I guess that counts for any sport where the wealthiest teams lead the way.

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To all the LH haters/doubters, are you sure I will definitely beat you in a Porsche 911 while you drive an Audi TT? If you don't have the skills and guts, and the physique, there is no way you can handle a powerful race car round after round at the same speed. LH is considered an oyaji now in F1 for his age, but not only his skills, his endurance is amazing. Max is way younger, don't forget that! It cannot be just the car. Try racing a super cart at max speed (say 120km/h) for 30mins. See what it does to you. After that you can come tell me if a more powerful car can actually win you 7 Championships where skill is not relevant. F1 is not a toy car where I'm faster than you by 1km/h and all I have to do is sit there for 1 hour to win it. Those cars go over 300km/h guys. Without the skill and endurance, a more powerful car is meaningless. Remember, without a driver the car is just a piece of metal.

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ClippetyClopToday  09:31 pm JST

Lots of names that Hamilton keeps beating season, after season, after season.

... because he's in the fastest car by far, with a trusty wingman in Bottas to ruin everyone else's (including his own) chances. This has been my point the entire time yet you ignore it.... because it's the truth.

He 'could' win 8. Or 15. Or zero. He's won none so far. He's getting dominated by his own teammate, never mind the other 6 drivers that finished above him on Sunday.

L'Eclair is in the #1 seat at Ferrari and this is his 3rd season there. Sainz hasn't even gotten used to the car yet. Just like Ricciardo has teething problems at McLaren. You haven't refuted anything.

I could have won 8 championships too. My mum too. That I haven't isn't down to me, it's my car.

Empty comment. Try again.

What a berzerk conspiracy that shreds any cred that you have. I'll ask for proof, which you don't have.

Everything not supporting Hamiton is a conspiracy to you. Including facts like these:

China 2019, Bottas on pole, bogs down at the start to hand Hamilton the win, blames it on fairies. Spain 2020, Bottas - as usual - told by Toto to move aside even though Bottas' reaction was to race Hamilton for the position and make him work.... NOPE, move aside wingman. Monza 2020, 2P at the start, Bottas in with a real chance to prove his ability against Hamilton but NOPE.... Hamilton gets a 10sec stop/go penalty and Bottas' race is mysteriously marred with every conceivable problem to finish in 5th. He can't place higher than Hamilton unless he actually gets lucky!

These are just a few of the countless incidents since Bottas joined Mercedes. Bottas can beat Hamilton and has done multiple times, it's just that he's just controlled by Toto so they don't have a repeat of 2016.

What about the THREE previous seasons WHEN HAMILTON BEAT ROSBERG IN EQUAL MACHINERY? Don't you have a conspiracy to explain that? Oh wait...

Repeating conspiracy doesn't work on me mate, so bad luck. Rosberg wasn't allowed to race Hamilton until 2016. He was a wingman until 2016, then Toto let them race (probably because Keke threatened to smash his lights out). And lo and behold.... Hamilton crumbled, needed psychiatric help, and STILL couldn't win the championship.

Lol, a quick conspiracy adendum in your next post. How nice of them to 'allow' that. Goalposts moved, bravo.

"Goalposts moved" that doesn't mean wht you want it to mean. And there you go again with the conspiracy claim. Every single thing I've posted is backed up by race reports on the web. The only conspiracy here is you trying to deflect my facts and honest opinion.

You have some serious Hamilton hate issues that you need to get through. It's weird and a bit creepy that you have to suspend logic and invent conspiracies to maintain your loathing of him.

.....aaaand right at the end a big ad hominem attack from you for good measure. You sound emotionally hurt.

The GOAT is not Hamilton, it's the Mercedes F1 W05 - W12

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Excellent! Proof exists on the web. So post those links please. Is this your facts or your opinion?

Give me some time, you'll get them.

Waiting eagerly for your proof that Bottas is throwing races and Rosberg was only allowed to race for 1 season.

Also looking for a reason why Hamilton was 'allowed' to win in 2008. I'm sure you have another conspiracy in you to complete the set.

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Lewis Hammertime seems to have an extra gear, a hyperdrive, where he goes beyond the call of duty. Mercedes strategists set it up for him, but only he could have converted from there, I think.

Pitstop for fresh rubber, just over 20 laps to go.

"What's the gap now guys? ....22 seconds ?!?! How am I going to do that?"

"C'mon Lewis, you've done it before."

And he has, and he did. That's what motivates him, and that's what he gets paid for.

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PS And he used the first 40 laps to save on fuel and tires/tyres as he waited (and fished) for Max to make a mistake (which he didn't, but possibly Red Bull did) all the while keeping a weather eye on the long game.

In the meantime the other drivers including Bottas, but especially Max, watch and learn.

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Haters will keep hating

So, anyone & everyone who doesn’t agree with your opinion is a ‘hater’ ?

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So, anyone & everyone who doesn’t agree with your opinion is a ‘hater’ ?

No. But the (many) people who disrespect Lewis because of the color of his skin (of course the cowards will never admit it - they will say he is "arrogant"/"talks in a funny accent"/shouldnt speak up against racism...etc) ARE haters. And scum.

The very idea of having a proud black man being the GOAT of F1 rocks their racist, hateful world.

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In the meantime, flexible rear wings, a 'mini DRS' are about to come under closer scrutiny, even though they have been in use since at least mid 2020.

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