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Hamilton wins Styrian GP ahead of Mercedes teammate Bottas


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Is he going to do the knee before every race ?

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Black power fists now.

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For some reason they cut that out of the live feed. For me Lewis has always been transparent though, simply a superb driver.

I hope the other teams can maintain and sharpen their challenge for the top spot. So much talent sloshing around in there. Congratulations meanwhile to Mercedes for setting the standard and doing such a superb all-round job. Nothing lasts forever but they've had a good run with Toto Wolff at the helm.

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Is he going to do the knee before every race ?

If Lewis chooses to, good luck to him. The Mercedes also makes a strong statement in black that he requested the team to paint it in this season. Lewis is certainly up there with the best of all time. I just hope Dan Ricciardo can get a podium maybe once this year!

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It does seem odd - Hamilton takes the knee, gives solemn black power salutes, then runs around laughing and spraying champagne. Huh?

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What's odd, ohara?

No spectators there, but he wants to say a wet and sticky thank you to the team members who created this car. Part of the job! They do not want to get splashed, as it will mean a shower and a clothes wash, and some equipment is precious, so they run for it, but it's some kind of traditional fun, even in the bubble. Besides, it means the drivers don't have to actually drink too much of it.

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