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Hamilton wins thrilling season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix


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Good write-up. An exciting, even gripping race. The Honda-engined cars certainly now have the balance and pace to take it to Mercedes. Strategy, luck and skill will make the crucial difference. Interesting battles throughout the field.

Looking forward to the next race. Max will surely be winning very soon.

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What a thrilling race!

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The GOAT does it again!

The author doing his best to make out like this wasn't staged like the last 8 seasons. Lol.

Hamilton's "skill" is 50hp more than any other car on the grid, including Botas' car.

It was nice of Red Bull to - once again - relent and let the "7-time Intra-Mercedes champion" win the opening race of the season, but then again, hardly anyone watches this staged BS anymore so.... whatever makes them happiest without actually winning a championship I guess.

Good finishing for McLaren and also Tsunoda finishing P9 with a solid pass on Stroll.

@Hitchhiker.....................if he wasn't the best then they would have hired a less expensive driver, save money, an d re-invest in the car.

Analogy: Just because modern basketball players use the latest technology to train does not mean that if they play against basketball players 50 years ago using the same outdated equipment, they still would not beat the best teams of the past by 100 points.

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@Hillclimber You just hate Mercedes and LH, don't you? The way you rant tells everyone so. Did you actually watch the race? RB was faster on straights and corners. LH's Mercedes was definitely slower. I thought LH drove like hell to stay a few seconds behind RB in the beginning of the race. Then Mercedes took the risk and changed to hard tires and that was really a huge gamble. And when Max got his medium, did you see how he cut like 1 sec off every lap from LH? How can Mercedes be faster or have 50hp more? The whole race clearly shows RB was way faster. If Max did not run off the track while finally overtaking LH, he would have won the race. He even said if he had stay on and not gave the lead back and accepted a 5 sec penalty, he could have won. So Max even knew he had a faster car. But the rule was for him to give back the lead and after that he could not even overtake LH, he even drifted off. So, is LH a lucky driver then? Or he actually was a really good driver? He did not win 7 championships because he had 50hp more. Sour grapes ay?

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You just unwittingly proved my point about Hamilton winning only because he has the fastest car with the highest power available. Mercedes contract to Hamilton dictates how much Hamilton is paid. The fact that Mercedes have a budget of that size to pay Hamilton is not a qualifier as to Hamilton's ability at all. It's merely the spoils Mercedes can award its drivers. Don't think for a moment that if Mercedes wasn't winning everything for almost a decade they wouldn't cut Hamilton's pay by 2/3rds, and fans like yourself would wonder why Mercedes didn't hire Verstappen instead... you know, someone who can win in inferior machinery.

Actually, I did not. You just illogically!

Car companies hire the best drivers that they can afford. All other sports hire the best athlete that they can afford because it increases their chances for success. Are you saying that is not how sports team operate?

They chose Hamilton with the expensive price tag that comes with his contract because he is the best, and they know it. They have the best car, and they wanted the best driver.

Your logic makes no sense. If their superior automobile was all they needed to win then they would hire someone cheaper and save money which increase their profits!

Hamilton is the GOAT, and his winning record speaks for itself!

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I think some people are more suited to hill climbing than racing, lol.

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