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figure skating

Hanyu accuses rival of deliberately colliding with him


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As great a skater as he is, he's got some anger issues to deal with, be it defying his coach (and then getting seriously injured), or else slamming his fist into a wall and yelling here. By all means file a complaint if it looks legit, and hopefully if the ISU thinks it was legit they'll warn the person who caused the collision (if he did). And if he did, shame on him.

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shouldn't have slammed his fist into wall hurting himself. All caught on camera to prove who's foul. Sue for damages

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Sue for damages

In what way has he been damaged? He is very, very good but a little bit of a diva and probably thinks that during practice no one should come near him and he should have the ice to himself.

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He's a diva, but jealousy in sports is a real and serious issue. His anger issues aside, it's not unlikely that it was an intentional bump.

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“Hey, you, there’s no need for that!”

Japanese news says differently in the Japanese.

He is very, very good but a little bit of a diva and probably thinks that during practice no one should come near him and he should have the ice to himself.

It was Hanyu's music time, which means he has the priority and the others yield.

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Much ado about nothing. This kind of thing happens all the time among all skaters. It only gets blown out of proportion because it's coming from the world no. 1. The press and media loves to pick little nicks in the armor of all the great athletes and blow them all out of proportion (see Micheal Jordan and his gambling, Tiger Woods and his women, Tom Brady and Deflategate, Novak Djokovic and his rants, Peyton Manning and his sexual harassment allegations from his college days).

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it seems he's still shaken by his last collision

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Is there a video of the incident?

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I've been following him since the beginning and he has always been a gentleman, I've never heard him called a diva, never. Where are you getting these diva moments? And as his coach said in the interviews about the defying incident, it wasn't like Brian told him "you can't skate", it was talked bout between them and Hanyu wanted to skate and Coach Orser didn't want him to.

Plus read the article again, people who have seen the video said it "looked intentional", Hanyu agreed with them. Plus how would you feel if it was your practice time and another skater came out onto the ice and purposely slammed into you.

Harding paid someone else to take out Nancy Kerrigan, people have said today that Ten tried to take Hanyu out himself. Jealousy in skating does exist.

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Why hasn't there been any news about the results of the men's ISU skate? I'm guessing a certain Japanese athlete did not get first place is why.

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