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Hanyu breaks 2 more of his records to win GP Final


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"Fernandez bowed to Hanyu while waiting for the score that both knew would be more than enough for Hanyu to repeat as winner."

As he should, and as we all should. Well done, Hanyu. Fernandez, too. And a big hats off to Orser as well, who must have quite his pick of people who want to train under him now more than ever. Congrats to Uno as well.

As to the women... no mention of Mao? She finished dead last. Probably almost wishes she stayed 'retired'. Good on Miyahara, her counter part who gets next to no media attention by comparison (a good thing, given the media silence on Mao, now), for getting second, and needless to say the Russians for getting first and third.

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Smithinjapan said:

and needless to say the Russians for getting first and third.

I guess you missed reading this part in the article:

Also, one year after winning the junior Grand Prix Final, 16-year-old Evgenia Medvedeva of Russia was crowned the senior women’s champion.

Skating on the same rink in Barcelona, this year’s junior world champion coasted through her routine to Rene Aubry’s “Allegro.” She added to her leading short program with 147.96 points for a total score of 222.54.

“I didn’t really expect this result here, but I worked really hard for it,” Medvedeva said through a translator. “I am very pleased with my first senior season.”

In any case, I'm just amazed at how Yuzuru Hanyu has such nerves of steel and never ever seems to give into any pressure he faces; whether it be from the hoards of Japanese and foreign media, to the thousands of 'Yuzurists' (fans from all parts of Asia). He has simply mastered not only the physical aspect of figure skating, but the mental part as well. There's probably only a handful of figure skaters, both male and female, throughout the history of skating, that have achieved this kind of sustained level of perfection. Absolutely amazing!

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patkim: "I guess you missed reading this part in the article:"

A Russian got first, Miyahara got second, another Russian got third. I said congrats to Miyahara for getting second, and "needless to say the Russians for getting first and third", as in congratulating them for that, too, and not just Miyahara.

So, what is it that I missed, exactly, patkim?

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“I am feeling really good today, because everyone was supporting me,” Hanyu said. “I owe my performance to the audience.”

I wonder if they believe statements like these.

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Satoko Miyahara of Japan was second with 201.13, followed by another Russian 16-year-old, Elena Radionova, with 201.13.

Miyahara's score was 208.85 :) Congrats on a great program.

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How good is this Yuzu-Chan? The precision of Nureyev, and the flamboyance of Freddie Mercury! Is he now the greatest Japanese sportsperson in history, eclipsing Uchimura, Nishikori and Frog (Kitajima)?

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