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Hanyu leads as he bids for 4th straight Grand Prix Final win


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He quite literally "rocked" it.

Well, figuratively :)

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I feel as though I'm watching a 12-year old, whereas others like Fernandez and Chan are like men.

Well yes, he is baby-faced and has a boyish figure and the other 2 you mentioned are actually a few years older than him, but I doubt you'd feel that way if you had seen him skate last night. He quite literally "rocked" it.

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Of course, by implying it is not a sport you just dismissed the sports that actually have been done hundred of years by Canadians, Russians, Americans, Europeans, and latecomers such as Koreans, Chinese and Japanese, as one of many thousands of fans of course you will felt if someone just make fun of it. And for Pukey2 I've never addressed you it is okay to have specific skater s your favourite. The only thing is that I've felt Fernandez's routine became very robotic and same ol, same ol and with Chan he became so full of himself and quite egotistic that his coach resigned due to it. But I' think both of them still young and do improve over time and this shows in current Grand Prix....

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Indeed, I am NOT saying its easy.

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Nobody said figure skating was easy. Otherwise you wouldn't see any of these skaters fall. Absolutely stupid to say something which nobody has said in the first place.

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Sigh, people here thinks skating very EASY, imagine you have to skate on thin ice sorrounded by hundreds, twirl, jump as many flips as you can without breaking a bones or twoon a short period of time (2 mins for short, 5 mins or so for long programme). It is one oft he the most difficult routines in the world and I suggest study this sports first before post some stupid comments whether it is a sport or not.

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Technically he's one of the best, but whenever I watch him skate, I feel as though I'm watching a 12-year old, whereas others like Fernandez and Chan are like men. It's the same with Asada - I know she's an adult, but this cutesy, 12 year old routines really doesn't get me in the mood. Can't imagine her doing Kim's James Bond routine from the Vancouver Olympics.

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Does this actually qualify as a sport???

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