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Hanyu returns to Japan for medical tests


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He must have had a concussion..might have been better not to perform

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"The Olympic gold medalist received stitches on his head and chin before returning with gauze wrapped around his head to finish second in Saturday’s competition."

Wonder where the Associated Press gets it's (mis)information? Immediately after the accident, he received a gauze pad in the temple area held on by stretchy tape around his head and a small tape bandage on his chin. He then did a warmup and then skated the competition and waited to see the results. He then received stitches and staples and was taken from the venue in a wheelchair, missing the awards ceremony. Treatment was received by the doctor accompanying the U.S. team (Japan only takes a doctor when they have a larger team). Source: I watched it live as it happeneded and later read numerous Japanese online media reports and saw many Japanese TV news and other accounts.

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That hit was harder than I thought, he was lucky to just have couple of stitches. Props for the kid for getting up and perform.

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Yuzuru, solar miracle, and all that he does, looks natural, lively and very sweet. An amazing combination of charm and nicely . Not everyone, so able how to skate. How much strength of will and spirit in this boy! Anyway, went out on the ice, fell so many times, and got up after falling on his feet , keeping lightness, airiness. God Forbid, so as to health his ,was all good, felt so good Real fighter. I hope, he be healed without sequelae.

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Replays show they were each doing about 30 kph, giving a combined collision at 60 kph (36 mph).

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