Having a bawl: Sumo wrestlers grapple with cry-babies


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Cruel and unusual, your down votes may commence now.

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“The babies’ cries are intended to reach God and parents hope that their little ones will grow healthy and strong.”

Abusing children through religion.

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Mommy who is this fat tub of lard?

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Gogogo for once I agree with you a thumbs up is on it way

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Huge strangers screaming into the infant's face in an attempt to terrorize them into crying. Yeah. There's not going to be any "baggage" acquired due to THAT experience. I'm sure they'll grow up to be perfectly normal, well-adjusted citizens. (rolls eyes) The cause of some of the "WTF did I just read?" articles here are starting to become clearer.

Not sure who's doing the thumbs down, but I don't care HOW old the tradition is, abuse is abuse.

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"we wanted to come here so that we would have a memory of this event for when he grows up.”

Have any studies been conducted to determine how this ritual really affects kids? Are there any "babies" here who have fond memories of their participation in the ritual?

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kyushubill: Mommy who is this fat tub of lard?

"He's gonna eat me!!!"

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Awww nice story... And no sumo wrestler or baby was harmed lol.

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And no sumo wrestler or baby was harmed lol.

I suppose... if you ignore the infants' mental harm caused by strangers terrorizing them, that is.


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