Heat, floods, quakes: Tokyo 2020 preparing for any disaster

By Kyoko Hasegawa

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The government has set up an elite unit of police and defense ministry experts to counter a possible cyber threat.

Being led by a guy who thinks email means "express mail" no doubt!

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Any such decision would be taken by the IOC, while "the Japanese government will give necessary advice over important security issues," said government official Endo.

Right, and by the time a consensus was received on what advice to give, snow would be falling in Tokyo!

Forgive my sarcasm here, but there is just too much in this article, based upon experience of living here all these years, that makes me truly fear what is going to happen if for some reason or act of nature a disaster does occur! Planning the Olympics in the middle of typhoon season, and in the dreaded heat of a Tokyo summer is idiotic at best.

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I wouldn't put my money on any of these. A more likely candidate would be that either the Okutama reservoir or Tone river would run dry. These are major lines where Tokyo gets much of their water. Just a few years back there were times when both were nearing too low warning levels. So with the Olympics, Tokyo will have many many more toilets flushing and showers running. This issue isn't going to go away either as tourism is expected to substantially grow in the up and coming years. Can you im I don't hear anyone addressing this.

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The Olympics Games are the disaster, every 4 years a new city gets sucked in by the IOC.

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"Tokyo 2020 preparing for any disaster"

The govt doesn't lie, because it chooses the month of disasters.

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The Tokyo Olympics is preparing for any disaster other than:

Extreme heat - inevitable in Summer (could have been dealt with by learning from the October start of the last Tokyo Olympics, but far too many brown envelopes passed);

Transportation - Posters saying "Let's enjoy heartful bearing of delay and crowd" appear to be the only option;

Typhoon - see "Extreme heat" above;

Terrorism/Cyber-terrorism - Just look at Sakurada, for God's sake;

The guaranteed tanking of the economy once this white elephant ups sticks and moves on to its next victim.

Our grandchildren yet unborn will still be paying for this folly, if any of them are still above water in 50 years.

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Derek Grebe, why would Japanese people tolerate the stupid govt ? Simply shifting the time by one month, 90% disasters will no longer exist.

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After reading this article I think I will give it a miss

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Organizers have had to take expensive measures to combat the heat during the Games, which are taking place at the height of the sweltering Tokyo summer.

The start time for the marathon has been moved to early morning and organizers plan heat-busting measures such as water-sprinklers along the route, swelling the event's budget.

Good grief. How about moving the start time to the middle of October like they did for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics? No good?

Authorities should also study "contingency plans including a decision to suspend the event," said Toshitaka Katada, professor of disaster prevention at the University of Tokyo.

How about suspend all the events until the middle of October? No good?

"That kind of decision-making tends to be delayed" if not discussed in advance...

Good grief...

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Derek Grebe, why would Japanese people tolerate the stupid govt ? Simply shifting the time by one month, 90% disasters will no longer exist.

Actually 2 months as August is notorious for typhoons and it actually gets hotter as well!

If they were moved to the end of September into early October it would be close to perfect weather, warm days, cool nights, and less chances of typhoons.

But the World Series and Japan Series would suffer, so, no chance!

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Oh, please! The city shuts down when there's a bit of snow.

Yubaru: "But the World Series and Japan Series would suffer, so, no chance!"

Exactly! When Japan 2020 is known as the "Death Olympics", watch how quickly the politicians and others will say, a) It could not have been known how hot it would be, and (b) it was the West's fault -- their broadcasting companies are to blame, not us, the hosts, who made the decision!

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