Heat headache as Tokyo swelters a year before Olympics

By Elaine Lies

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A little too late for next year's olympics, but I sure wish they would stop trimming the trees back to their stumps in the fall. People complain about the leaves. They should have the same crew sweep the leaves instead of pollarding the trees.

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6 years after Tokyo won the Olympics they figured this out? They had six friggen years. All these countermeasures end up costing more than just moving the Olympics to October. Anyway you get what you asked for, now deal with it.

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I have been saying it is crazy to hold Olympics in Tokyo in sweltering summer. Having said that, I found some good things the other day when I used Ginza Line Tokyo Subway. Ginza Line is the oldest subway in Tokyo and cars are small and stations dilapidated. The line got modernized greatly preparing for the Olympic. The subway cars I got on were designed resembling the original designs of the Ginza line cars arousing nostalgia of passengers about old Tokyo. I was impressed that Japanese have talent of designs and designs can changes things beautiful.

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highlighting the health threat to athletes and fans

The Japanese High School Baseball Tournament's underway now. Have there been reports of heat related problems with players or spectators? From the TV reports - to me, at least - it looks miserable being there in tightly packed stands. And playing. But lots of pet bottles sold. People-made traditions can be people-changed. For the better.

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Maybe this is a stupid question, but since i don't see many trees in Japanese streets, why don't they plant some??

they could provide shadow and freshen up the air, together with pollution.

I don't understand why a big street like Ginza has no trees at all. They'd be very useful.

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Planting big shade trees. Go ahead, suggest it in the Izakaya and enjoy the bemused looks people give you. Hahaha.

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I don't understand why a big street like Ginza has no trees at all. They'd be very useful.

Basically because of fallen leaves (considered untidy) and branches that could potentially damage cars.

The lack of trees and heat-island effect (that makes nights so miserable too), is the direct consequence of too many years of automobile centric urban planning and street design decisions.

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The two weeks will come and go and nothing in Japan will really change. Foreigners may come and praise Abe for all the shiny new buildings and well prepared infrastructure, and marvel at Japan’s orderly and polite society but is that brief praise really worth the billions spent? The 1964 games had a much larger real social and economic impact on the country than these games ever will.

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Will Tokyo be unbearably hot for the Olympics? Will people be carried away with heatstroke? Is the Pope a Catholic? Are there bears in the wilds in Honshu, and two kinds of venomous snakes?

Very hard to comment on the obvious and inevitable.

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