Heavyweight boxing champ Fury stands by controversial views on women


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Good on him. He is a real man. 50 years and going back, men went to work and the wife looked after the home and children. Now society is such that most men can not earn enough so that many women now have to take on work to boost their income.

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The BBC has defended its decision to shortlist him for its flagship award, saying it is “not an endorsement of an individual’s personal beliefs”.

I wonder what it is an endorsement of, then. Sportsmanship? When the 'sport' itself consists of beating the other bloke fifty shades of black and blue, and hopefully knocking him unconscious? Personality? Puleeease.

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slaps up good

What does that mean?

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"Which part of (saying) a woman looks good in a dress is sexist?"

Nothing, necessarily. It's the "a woman's place is in the kitchen and on her back" that's offensive, and sexist, and the fact that it's sexist cannot be debated. You're not a good role modal for kids, because there are girls as well as boys, and teaching the girls to get ready for a life of servitude, and the boys that it's okay to think that's what the girls should be doing, is flat out wrong.

When you call 50,000 people wankers because they are against one person, it's far more likely YOU are the wanker. And this guy definitely is. He probably thinks that if his wife decided "not to be on her back" that night after what he said about her in public, it's okay if he beats her, too... you know, to show her her place and all.

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Quote Fizzbit: "slaps up good ...What does that mean?"

Good question. Nine out of ten.

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@smith - Agreed.

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