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Hideki Matsui cut by Tampa Bay Rays


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whiskey: He does speak basic English but I'm sure the manager wanted to be clear and didn't want any miscommunications.

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He doesn't speak English ? I'm surprised !!!!!!

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He's had a good run while it lasted. Nothing to be disappointed about for an outstanding career.

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Time to hang the bat and head for the hills.

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He's had a great career arc, both in Japan and in the U.S., and there's nothing left to prove. There's no shame in accepting the end and calling it a career. It just gets to be a sad spectacle when a player can't accept the inevitable (Jamie Moyer, for instance).

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Crazy how old 38 is in the sports world, and young everywhere else. Too bad for Hideki-san.

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Just too old; much like Ichiro.... TIme to retire fellows.

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What a shame. Matsui was more exciting to watch for me than Ichiro (I know I'm probably the only one!). I reckon he should uproot to Japan and become the captain/head coach/marquee player for my local franchise, Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles! He'd guarantee 5000 more bums on seats per game for sure!

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I think he's done, but he is an awesome individual and has a very proud history to reflect on. So, if this indeed is a sign of the end I'll be honored if I have the chance to pat him on the back and say good job.

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Watching Matsui the last few games that we could get on TV, he seemed to be really trying hard ... but to no avail. Perhaps another team might pick him up and give him yet another "final" chance. Wherever Matsui goes, either here in Japan or elsewhere in the majors, he has to play on natural grass. That imitation turf is really hard on his battered knees. He did those knees in while playing at the Tokyo Dome, which many players say is liking playing on cement turf. So he'll probably stay away from the Kyojin. He still believes he can play third base ... and now that the Yankees are without A-Rod for six to eight weeks, he might be given a look (probably briefly) at filling in that spot ..l.

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Imagine Matsui must have completely lost his confidence during his long slump and the best and only way to revive him should be for him to come back to Japan where he can solely focus on bringing back his mental energy back under less pressure and home comfort. Pretty sure he can still hit. Truly ironic that this is all happening in concurrence with Ichiro's new signing for a left field position with the Yankees. Not their fault I guess, but the Yankees in a way has already hurt him twice.

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I guess Matsui and Ichiro are the same age, but their physical appearance is quite different. Ichiro understands his body is a tool and must be cared for, whereas Matsui probably followed the Micky Mantle training routine: a 6-pack after the game and two on the weekends...

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Is this the end of his career? Not sure he'd even get a go in Japan at this point.

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I saw Matsui at the plate the other day and it was painful to watch. He really does not have anything left in the tank. I still admire him for his time in NY, so I hope that THAT is what he and most others will remember.

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