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Hideki Matsui retires from baseball


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an average player (70% before joing MLB and 40% after that) with excellent human qualities deserves high marks !

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Bummer. Was hoping the Yomiuri Giants would sign him to a 2-year 10-Oku yen deal.

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some14some, quite clearly you have absolutely no clue about the game of baseball. For anyone to describe Hideki Matsui as average, that just about sums up your knowledge of the game. I take it your 70% is your mark for Matsuis career with Kyojin? Try starting at 9 out of 10 if you know anything about his record with Yomiuri. His ability is summed-up with the end of his career in MLB. Despite the fact that he was past his best and with injuries, he came up clutch in the big games in the big league. I guess you must have been in the bathroom during the 2009 series when Matsui had 6 RBIs. Class act.

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2009 series when Matsui had 6 RBIs. Class act.

that's it? and he becomes a hero? you may rejoice more recalling his high school "yakyu" play. BUT, my average is derived from "twenty years" of his career as a professional player.

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@TigersTokyoDome: I applaud you for keeping you cool with 'some14some'. Clearly NO idea about Baseball. Possible hall of famer.

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some14some, why does Matsui bat left-handed?

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Always like Matsui, had hoped he came back to Japan and realized his childhood dream of playing for the Hanshin tigers. Guess he has plenty of time to watch his notorious and massive "film" collection now!

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One of the few imports who came close to actually being worth what he was making. Thanks for being a fairly clutch player on the world's greatest franchise, the New York Yankees.

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Thank you Matsui-san for the wonderful display of your talents on both sides of the Pacific and for being an inspiration for many. You will be missed. Enjoy your retirement and the next phase of your life!!

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Matsui was the first DH to be named World Series MVP and probably the first and last Japanese to accomplish this. He was able to come through in the clutch, feats that only super-stars can do. He was a class act. Thanks big fella!

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A great career, for a great ball player.

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You have to love this chat site. Hideki Matsui retires after a great baseball career, and some14some is judging him as average. Hilarious. By the way some14, you totally contradict yourself in your last sentence. Because any player who has had a 20 year career as a pro is going to be clutch. The 20 years speaks for itself you see.

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Otsukaresama, Godzilla !

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People do not understand the level of play and the fans of Yankee stadium. But even with the baseball fanatics that Japan has there was that next step.

From hitting a grand slam in his first game at Yankee Stadium (has never happened before) to becoming an All-Star (2) and then the 2009 World Series MVP 2009 (3 homers, 8 rbi, .615 with a 1.385 slugging percentage) Matsui's accolades speak more than his words ever will.

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Thanks for the hard work. Now time to move on to manage a team back home or become a TV host.

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an average player (70% before joing MLB and 40% after that) with excellent human qualities deserves high marks !

a really good player (85% before joining MLB and 75% after that) with excellent human qualities deserves highest marks!

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Otsukaresama! While I don't think Matsui was the best player to grace the sport, he had the character to back up his excellent play. May your retirement find you well.

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I'm sad to see him out of the game. I enjoyed seeing him at the plate but he was definately a liability in the outfield. Didn't the Yankees offer to re-sign him but only as a DH and he insisted that he still wanted to play in the field? Might have been able to have a couple more good seasons in a Yankee uniform.

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A pure winner.

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