Hideki Matsuyama gets penalty for slow play at British Open


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What?! A Japanese golfer playing slow? Hell they usually run/hurry all over the course throughout the round and expect you to do the same. You'd think that with all that time they're saving by "playing fast" they'd at least have time to fix their divots on the green, something no Japanese golfer ever does it seems...

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Have followed professional golf for well over 2 decades and can't ever recall a player being penalized for slow play. You can bet that if it was Tiger, Mickelson, or some other prominent player, such a thing would never happen, especially when in contention--as Matsuyama was before the penalty.

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Slow play in golf?

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@cornbread1 now theres a conspiracy in golf. LOL

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I can't believe Matsuyama is penalized when the king of slow play, Kevin Na, isn't :

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Check that, penalized for slow play in a major.

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shameful decision by the R and A, @ cornbread1 l agree with you completely .

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But it didn't seem to affect his final round. Finishing 6th. Pretty impressive.

The BBC managed to show about five of his shots during the whole week. That was more shameful than the penalty.

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@ albaleo, absolutely! This guy is showing some grit. If it was Shigeki Maruyama, he would have folded after the penalty with the typical victim mentality.

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