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Matsuyama wins at Riviera with 62, becoming Asia's most prolific PGA Tour winner


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Wow, an amazing new tournament record for a final round. I remember Matsuyama in his prime winning Americas most attended golf event, the Phoenix Open, in back to back years. Riviera win showing he can still compete with anyone.

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Hats off to Matsuyama! He is definitely the GOAT of Japanese golf.

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Great win.

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Sets him up nicely for another Green Jacket at the Master's in April..... those 3 sets of 3-birdies at the Riviera were amazing.

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I've always liked Matsuyama. While the media here and locals were frothing at the mouth over Ryu Ishikawa I was backing this guy. I often asked people, if the topic came up, why they support Ishikawa but not Matsuyama, as both were up-and-coming at about the same time. "He's chubby and ugly!" one replied about Matsuyama, and others would agree or just say he's not good by comparison. When I would ask a few years later, "What happened to Ishikawa?" their faces would go red and they would not respond. And now, even though they think enough time has passed that they can say things like "He (Matsuyama) is the best!" etc., I often remind those who dismissed him as chubby, ugly, and no good that they did not think so before, while the golden boy they decided to worship instead is basically non-existent.

Like I said, Matsuyama has always been great, and I've always liked him.

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Ishikawa may have been the "Prince" but Matsuyama is King.

Hats off.


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