High school pitcher Otani firm on MLB plans despite being picked in draft


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Nippon Ham is stupid for this one. It has already been in the news and his intentions and MLB teams' intentions have already been stated. What a waste of pick.

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Why not go for the best opportunity especially if that was his dream. Otani has the ability and potential. So go for it and give it your best shot. You have nothing to lose. He can develop himself in a big organization rather than to stay in Japan and become a " Ham" - Bad joke. Maybe the Texas Ranger's farm system is the place to begin and eventually work his way up to the majors. If things don't pan out I don't think he'll have any problem finding another baseball team interested in him. So keep focused Shohei, don't let the "Ham" change your mind and ganbatte kudasai. We love you.

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If he signed with the Ham Fighters he would be locked up in Japan for years. With this strategy he could go back to Japan if the MLB doesn't work out. And also, the "posting fee" is not in effect by him doing this. Maybe more money for him instead of Japanese baseball teams.

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No doubt Nippon Ham is whispering in his ear about how he is not ready for Mlb and should spend a few years in japan first. How he might "fail"

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He can always come back to Japan if it doesn't work out, but he won't be able to play here for a couple of years after due to restrictions established for just this kind of situation. Glad to hear he's determined to stay the course, though!!

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Just because HE wants to go and he's drawn interest doesn't mean he'll be picked up by an MLB team. The Hamfighters are getting their reservation in place in the event the boy isn't picked up by MLB.

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