High school student Anraku 1st in Japan baseball draft


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Another young man's arm and shoulder doomed.

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I know he is concerned about his elbow because of the last his injury, though, I expect so much his to attract and fascinate us for years as a top player in NPB

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Actually, Anraku has already had elbow problems. He was severely overworked in the spring 2013 Koshien tournament, throwing 381 pitches in three days. His high 90's fastball was in the low 80's for the final and he got hammered 17-1. I'd say he's a risky pick for the Eagles.

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He wasn't chosen "first overall" - there is no first overall in the NPB draft. All 12 teams pick simultaneously and there is a lottery for teams who pick the same player.

He's one of 12 "first overall" picks.

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Why the thumbs down. Other people mentioned he is already having problems with his elbow.

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Why the thumbs down.

Because you are making the typical assumption that because he is pitching in NPB that his arm is doomed. And that is simply nonsense.

There's actually a LOWER rate of arm injuries in NPB than in MLB.

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panabelle - as I mentioned, others have pointed out he already HAS elbow problems. He threw 183 pitches in 1 game!!!!!!

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