High stakes for Japan-S Korea World Cup warmup


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there can be no excuses when Japan loses to Korea.

First, this statement smacks of arrogance. There are no excuses no matter who you play. Second, I predict Korea will heftily defeat Japan.

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“We know that Korea is a good team, but there can be no excuses WHEN Japan loses to Korea.”

I like how he predicts himself even that Korea will beat Japan. This will be a fun game to watch. When is it, any way? Will it be aired? Korea has by far the better team, but since Japan only seems to really shine when it's against their most heated rivals you never know what might happen. It seems the booing got them to finally score some goals in the Hong Kong game, but Korea's not going to let them have any slack.

I'm rooting for Korea, as I've always felt they were the better team, and Japan's constant passing instead of shooting is extremely irritating.

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South Korean media have labeled Sunday’s East Asian Championships match at Tokyo as the “dismissal derby,”

Arrogant media.

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Both teams sucks!

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When is it, any way? Will it be aired?

Have you read the article before posting ?

"South Korean media have labeled Sunday’s East Asian Championships match at Tokyo"..... ok ?

Of course it will be aired, every match of Japan is aired...every.

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i blame captain tsubasa. because of him, there's a logjam in the midfield and no teeth up front. the defense is pretty thin as well but, with 4 months left; the only thing okada can do is to start circulating his resume. maybe he can coach in the states where football goes to die.

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China is in with a good chance of winning the tournament!!! I would say that they'll beat HK in their next match (they're expecting HK to lose to the motherland, after all). That would put Korea out of the running. But if Korea beats Japan (and Japan is the team Korea wants to beat the most), then Japan is also out.

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