Historic rivalry as Japan faces N Korea in World Cup qualifier


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Good Luck, Japan!


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ah, a match made in!?

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Rivalry between NK and Japan ? Japan's soccer improved so much in the last 10-15 years while I don't think there has been much progress over there. Japan already made it to the next stage, let's hope no players get injured

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Zainichi Koreans who pledge allegiance to North Korea should be encouraged to move there and never come back.

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Thanks to Japan these zai Nichi Koreans have enough to eat but they still hate Japan and the Japanese so I really hope the samurai Blue can make us proud!!

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The (Japanese) fans have been warned to behave: No sightseeing, no straying from the group. No drums, speakers, banners or Japanese flags, according to Nishitetsu Travel, which is organizing the three-day tour for the Japanese Football Association.

In addition, the visiting Japanese fans have been ordered to cheer for the North Koreans.

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Zainichi Koreans who pledge allegiance to North Korea should be encouraged to move there and never come back.

If you visit multicultural nations like Australia, you will find immigrant cultures such as the Italians, Greeks, Scottish, English, Kiwis etc often barracking for their motherlands in sport. Sometimes even against their adopted nation. Is this an issue for tolerant people? Not at all. We accept it - it adds to the colour and spectacle.

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200 Japanese fans / journalists vs. 49,800 North Korean fans.

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Sorry to say this, but check to see if NK will have 200 new Japanese teachers tomorrow.

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With North Korea having nothing to play for anymore, watch your back for "unintentional-intentional" fouls/injuries next game, Japan.

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Maybe this game can be the spark to renew the diplomatic talks between japan and North Korea.

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I was supposed to see the 2005 match in Pyongyang at the May Day Stadium. Was not pleased it got moved to Bangkok at the last minute as it would have been the highlight of the trip.

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I suppose if I too had the threat of life imprisonment at Camp 22 looming over my head, I'm sure I would somehow find that ungodly motivation to win that game by any means possible.

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@Hide Suzuki a "rivalry" of near neighbors usually has nothing to do with sport. Peru hates Chile because of the War of the Pacific, in which they lost territory. England originally hated Germany because of the World Wars, same thing for Netherlands and France. Mexico hates the United States... well, for many reasons. The thing is, even if the North Korean players were weak and unskilled, say, on the scale of some poor African nation, Japan's media would always find reasons to hate them.

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I see nothing wrong with for cheering for your mother country but not when a) it's North Korea which is a long term and serious antagonist to the people that surround you everyday and b) most of the Zainichi Koreans in question know very little about their "mother country" except for what they've been fed. I also expect people to have "some" patriotism to the place where they live otherwise they should not be there. This goes for anyone in any country.

That said, I hope it's a good game and the outcome is accepted by both sides. Any attempt at diplomacy is a step in the right direction.

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