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Honda accuses Rossi of deliberately kicking Marquez off bike


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Marc Marquez was purposefully disturbed Rossi's race and helping Lorenzo to win 2015 Moto GP Tile. Even Race Direction felt that Marquez had 'provoked' Rossi, but did not break any rules. Marc Marquez was technically hooked off with unpunished because no rider ever done like Marc Marquez in Moto GP history.

Honda’s vice-president Shuhei Nakamoto has becoming involved and blaming Rossi for his rider Marc Marquez. It will back-fire and Honda's customers will leave Honda bike to other bike. I'm one of them. I support both Honda team and Yamaha. Also I'm Marc Marquez's supporter and fan since I saw him his first race after he was accepted in Moto GP Factory bike. Now I'm no longer support Marc Marquez because his meddling in 2015 Moto GP title was unacceptable and involving unsportsmanlike childish action on track.

Everyone knows Marc Marquez was intentionally and purposefully ruined Valentino Rossi's title chance by disturbing Rossi race in Phillip Island and Malaysia. Whatever Honda’s vice-president Shuhei Nakamoto - san defending Marc Marquez's stupidity and blaming everything on Rossi will change nothing except Honda customers leaving Honda Bike for Yamaha or other Bikes. I have been ridding Honda bike for 20 years and now I'll buy Yamaha Bike. I change my loyalty because of Honda Nakamoto - san vocally involved and defending Marc Marquez' stupidity. He should quiet and let Repsol to speak out. It's unwise. Now Honda Company will lose its loyal customers.

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A kick or a tap?

Either way it's a no-no, for sure, but it's hard to blame Rossi after what he had to put up with from Marquez.

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marquez today and Lorenzo killed the honesty, the principle of loyalty between pilots, were unsportsmanlike, they taught to future generations that to win a championship you have to cheat, in italiano f lorenzo e marquez imbroglioni e ladri

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