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Hungry Ireland target World Cup after New Zealand tour triumph


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well done Ireland proving Kiwis arent as unbeatable , home , as people make them out to be

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They would have been dancing in the streets of Dublin and Belfast last night, and the Black Stuff would have been flowing freely! And rightly so. They should be very proud of their performance.

What chance a France v Ireland Final in '23?

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Awesome job,Ireland.

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I hope they haven't peaked a year too early like in the previous 2 world cups.

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Very nice for Ireland, but careful with cheater sprinboks..

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Amazing game. The most impressive thing was the Irish response to the Kiwi fightback early in the 2nd half. . They upped their game and dominated the greatest rugby nation the world has seen, NZ, and NZ will be back come the world Cup, I am certain. The game is in their DNA.

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