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Hurricanes destroy Sunwolves 83-17 in their Super Rugby opener


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Hurricanes were surgical, lesser team took a hiding. It happens

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Sunwolves are in for a shock this season as they largely avoided NZ teams last year. This will be the first of many hidings, unfortunately for them. Wolves really needed to try harder to get more of their international team playing.

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The sunwolves simply do not belong at Super rugby level. They and the Kings and one of either the Australian teams or Jaguars need to be cut to protect the validity and superiority of the Super rugby product.

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Agree with Jaymann, as much as I love the sunwolves they just aren't SR material yet. They can hold their own in a weak pool (like last year's) or against disinterested opponents but aren't competitive against teams of hurricanes calibre.

No idea how greedy sanzaar thinks this kind of match 'helps' promote super rugby and J rugby for that matter. No one is going to make me believe players get better when they get hammered and humiliated on home soil. This was embarrassing and is NOT rugby.

No wonder crowds in most places were very poor on the w-e. Half of today's SR players would not have made the team (any team) in Super12/14 10-15 years ago.

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Great day for rugby! I humbly guessed the score would be about 80 to 20. At 60 minutes it looked like the Canes might crack 100 points, but they let the foot off the pedal towards the end. Good on the Wolves for getting 2 tries towards the end. Miodinow, yes, I guess it`s going to be a long, painful season, perhaps with a worse record than than last year. No Pisi, no Yamada-denki, plus having to the play the Kiwi teams. Goldorak, good points, but I hope and think the crowds will keep coming to Chichibunomiya. As for having home games in Singapore, what a farce!

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Tough ask playing the hurricanes first up. Have to say the Canes are looking good and he Saveas were in shape / form. Not a bad last quarter from the Wolves with two unanswered tries even with good subs from the Canes coming on. Thought they might make the ton. Agree with the above.. teams need to be culled if they can't compete. How about a second league.Make SR smaller - say 14 teams and a second league open to any and all professional teams?

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Japanese fans are so used to getting pumped they get happy at the smallest positive. Sunwolves don't belong in the same league as Kiwi teams. No better than any ITM cup team in NZ. Unless JRFU get serious keep them in the piddling South African conference. How about the top club team in JPN, SA, AUS and ARG get to play off for a promotion relegation game into super rugby? Another thing: any Japanese player that wants to play for his country must make himself available for Super Rugby if the JRFU is serious and not doing Super Rugby as a development exercise for up and coming players.

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