Ichiro agrees to 2-year deal with Yankees worth reported $13 mil


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Merry Xmas Ichiro. BY now I would have gotten US citizenship.

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"losing is not an option"

Never give up!

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Now that Ichiro is entrenched with the Yankees, guess we'll be seeing more Yankee games on TV next summer. I got used to seeing the Mariners, but guess they will be shown only occasionally, if at all. At least we can still see some Rangers games thanks to Darvish, but they'll be a little weaker at the plate.

Being an anti-Yankee fan from birth, I hope they do like the Red Sox did this year ... end up in the cellar ... !!

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“I believe the Yankees organization appreciates that there is a difference between a 39-year-old who has played relying only on talent, and a 39-year-old who has practiced, prepared meticulously and thought carefully about their craft through the experience they have gained.”

They only care about the 39yr old's OBP and RBI. The rest is your ego speaking. Good luck but I liked you better when you shut up and just played. Oh yeah before you joined the Skankees.

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