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Ichiro excited by playoff possibility with Yankees


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I hope he can bring his game up and return to being the Ichiro I love to watch play.

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I dont really care for the opening sentence of this article. I do, of course understand the intent, but the wording leaves much to be desired. If the other hundreds of games were meaningless, than why were they played?

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The title is a bit odd, because he said it was too early for him to even talk of the playoffs, but I'm sure he is very excited!

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I hope he talks to his team mates at his new team....

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JDB, pretty sure you need to reread that. It says meaningful games in the final weeks. For the last 10 years the games of the last few weeks were relatively meaningless as they were already out of contention of any playoff spots.....

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“Many of the Yankees here have been there, have experienced it and I need to be to that level where I need to be there with them,” Ichiro said through an interpreter on Tuesday. “I just got here and I’m just learning, but I need to get there. That’s what I need to work on to be able to be at their level.”

Nicely spoken, Ichiro. But why do you still need an interpreter after all these years?

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If the other hundreds of games were meaningless, than why were they played?


Baseball has a meaningless boring season, thats why the game is going the way of the typewriter.

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Only time will tell if Yankees teammates get frustrated with Ichiro. Different players express their frustration in different ways. If you’re one of the teammates and you see Ichiro, and you can’t really speak to him or understand what he’s thinking. I can imagine frustrated players expressing the comparison of personality of Ichiro, like Ted Williams, is probably not everyone’s cup of tea.

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Apparently he asked to be traded. Wonder why he waited so long? Perhaps he wanted to make sure he hit all his "personal" records before the trade. He also agreed to quite a few conditions placed on him by the Yankees. Switch positions, lower batting order, no batting against lefties.

Now that he's got his own record, he'd just like to sit on a winning team.

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A good good move, Ichiro!!

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