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Ichiro says new sense of enthusiasm behind Marlins deal


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I would like to see him reach 3000 hits this year, but for that he is going to need more playing time than being the fourth outfielder.

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Go go Ichiro ... keep banging out them hits ... and snagging those balls in the outfield ... Looking forward to seeing you in the Marlins uniform ...

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Have to admit Ichiro looks good in the Miami uniform.

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The fourth outfielder? On the Marlins? That's the best he could get? Money wise he could have gotten a lot more back here in Japan. So it must be about the game. I wonder how he will feel when he realizes Miami is not a baseball town and he now works for the worst owner and GM in baseball. Seeing less than 15,000 people in the seats for a game is going to come as a real shock.

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He's very successfully fleeced the Marlins. He's hit for average just once in the last six seasons, he's always refused to hit for power, his once phenomenal arm is gone, he's at least a step slower than he was even before he left the Mariners and he's not necessarily a positive force in the clubhouse. What does Miami think they are getting even for a relatively cheap salary of $2m?

He may make 3,000 hits yet, but he may need three seasons to do it as a part time player.

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He looked best in Yankee pinstripes but he is lucky to get out of that mess now that Jeter is gone. I thought he would go back to Seattle, they love him there. I guess this will sell a lot of jerseys to the kids in Japan. He is the best hitter I have ever seen and a samurai professional swordsman. It makes you realize how good Pete Rose was to still hold the record for most hits in a career.

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I can now cheer him on. During his 3 yrs. in pinstripes that was impossible.

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He's hit for average just once in the last six seasons

What does that even mean? Are you referring to the season he hit .352? He has hit better than the league average every year. By the way, the average baseball player makes more than 2 million. To pay that much for an aging but former all-star and future hall of gamer is a steal. But "haters gonna hate."

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Only 28 MLB players have ever reached 3000 hits. ARod is only 61 shy himself. Ichiro obviously wants to get 3000 hits but as the 4th outfielder will not get the ABs needed this season. Had he retired after last season he could have had a record all to himself. No MLB player has ever averaged 200 hits per season for an entire career. That to me is more of an achievement than 3000 hits.

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