Ichiro Suzuki donates 3,000-hit souvenirs to Hall of Fame


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One of the next times Ichiro visits Cooperstown will be to see the unveiling of his plaque. A definite first ballot Hall of Famer.

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Yep. 1st ballot. I kind of hope he really is joking about playing until 50, though. I want to attend the Induction, and waiting eighteen more years wouldn't merely be hard, but leave me very old.

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Once when I was traveling in central New York state, I tried to talk my elderly father into going to Cooperstown to see the Baseball Hall of Fame. "C'mon, Dad," I exhorted. "You can see Lou Gehrig's old uniform."

"I saw it when he was in it!" my dad replied.

Next time I'm up that way, I'll look forward to seeing Ichiro's artifacts on display. I only wish, after 16 years in playing in the U.S., he would stop relying on interpreters and address the public in English. I'm sure he's capable of it.

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Ichiro has taught us one lesson. We are never too old to pursue our dream and reach our goal. When he first joined the majors, who could predict that he would get 3,000 hits one day. This is really a monumental achievement. He is a true Hall of Famer.

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Ichiro memorabilia: 3,000 bottles of nearly-new Yunker genki drink?

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@Laptop - Fantastic story ! Go Ichiro ! A class act !

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Omedetogozaimesu Ichiro!!! I suddenly became a baseball fan when Ichiro arrived In Seattle & played his 1st MLB game in April 2001. I went to see him at Safeco Field (countless times) and remember getting laryngitis from shouting out his name from the bleachers every time he appeared at the plate. It's been a long time since I have seen him play but kept track of him from time to time even when I also moved away from Washington state.

No question about it. He will be voted in on the 1st ballet for the Hall of Fame & he can go back to Cooperstown (I understand he's been there 6 times) once again and PROUDLY see his name there.

Ichiro, you deserve all the accolades that has been posted also on the Florida Marlins website.

You did it (3,000 hits & counting) WITHOUT EVER using Steroids/Human Growth Hormones, etc. Your daily hard work & persistence certainly paid off BIG time!!! I just wish the 1,278 that you acquired while playing in Japan could also count. But even if it doesn't, your fans, myself included, count those in.

I wish you Much More hits in the future. However I hope you will know when to retire when your body tells you that you have reached your limit before you go downhill. That way you will always be Admired and Remembered for many, many years to come.

CHEERS to your Ichiro!!!

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