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F1 down to the wire in thrilling title fight


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Best season ever! The emotions are running high with Lulu fans accusing max of reckless driving, max fans accusing Lulu of whining.... Completely forgetting that due to the nature of both drivers we finally got a nail biting finale. Would it be any fun without these two awesome drivers?

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jpn_guy, agreed on all points.

The article fails to mention that Hamilton hit Verstappen because he wasn't told that Verstappen would slow to let him pass. The F1 controller didn't give Merc chance to radio Lewis to let him know what to expect. He thought he was getting a 'brake test'. "...not enough buttons to press" was what I heard from the F1 controller.

Sounds like the technology upgrades have missed radio communication!

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At least, it is until all fun and games until Verstappen gets someone killed with his complete refusal to give way ever. A hard-charging mentality is fine, but believing you have the right to do what you like when you like crosses a line. He can never admit his faults either, which makes the whole thing a volatile combination.

Nah all top drivers are guilty of pushing it to the limit, Senna, Schumacher, prost and yes even Hamilton has had some tricks up his sleeve. Hamilton has been unchallenged for the last 7 years due to his superior car...but let us not forget Silverstone....if Hamilton becomes champion the we can always blame him for that......but we shouldn't, let the boys race, and if there's a crash, well so be it.

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Some of the moves he has been pulling this season are ridiculous - ridiculously dangerous. 

Same things have been said about Shumacher, Vettel, Senna, Hunt, etc, etc. These are the guys that always made F1 super exciting and had their own wars with other more "straight" drivers Hill, Prost, Lauda, etc, etc., who also made F1 exciting with their clinical driving.

One is no fun without the other

The drama, complaining, protests, cheating, wild driving, secrecy, skullduggery is decades old, and has brought F1 back to exciting times this year. (apart from the fact that i haven't seen a good punch up in the pits for a long time) Hopefully Abu Dhabi.

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If GOAT gets his Merc on pole, Mad Max wont catch him. Im expecting Mad Max to try and initiate a Senna/Prost at Suzuka '89. Lewis will be expecting it. If they are both retired, Max gets the title.


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