Inoue stops Donaire in 2nd round; unifies 3 bantamweight titles


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Lepyon, "street cred?" He is top 3 pound for pound in the world. As for better fighters? At his weight class, there are none. He will beat Butler, unify 4 belts, and probably move up.

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Donaire was kebabed. He is almost 40 and way past his prime. He is also 5-4 in last 9 fights, hardly championship numbers. Inoue should seek out better fighters if he wants street cred.

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Well done Inoue! What a beast. This Filipino was way out of his depth, time to hang up the gloves.

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Just destroyed him.

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Many pundits have him now on the top of the best pond-for-pound list. There is no more competition at 118 pounds, 

Not following developments but I'm not surprised he's considered top PFP by many.

Still one more belt at this divsion?

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Many pundits have him now on the top of the best pond-for-pound list. There is no more competition at 118 pounds, so let's see if he goes up in weight and still dominate (but Canelo's loss may have him hesitate?)

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I expected this outcome.

Since their last fight Inoue is expected to have improved both in strength and skill whereas Donaire would have been hard put to just maintain and delay the regression of his form and strength

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Donaire proved himself to be a gutsy fighter in their previous match but he doesn’t have the awesome offensive power of the Monster. There is a good reason why Inoue at 23-0 has never lost. He is simply the best. We are witnesses to boxing history. Enjoy!

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