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Interest in hosting Olympics 'never so high', says IOC boss

By Adam PLOWRIGHT and Coralie FEBVRE

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The 1996 Summer Olympics were supposed to be held in Athens being it was the 100th anniversary of the modern Games, but political finagling (and probably bribes) put them in Atlanta instead. It was an election year in the US and the media and US athletes acted like total jerks. It left me a sour taste, it was the Ego-lympics.

It's become a political tug-of-war now. Look how it went for the Games in Moscow and even Tokyo during the pandemic in 2021. That cost Abe his honor, his office, his career and possibly his life.

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Who is he trying to kid? They almost have to beg cities to host the Olympics now. Residents have come to realize they are a raw deal that only benefit the rich and powerful. Even Japan has soured on them as evident by Sapporo saying no to the Winter Olympics.

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"We are now 12 years away from these Games, so it is way too early to comment on any of these interests," Bach replied when asked about Saudi Arabia and Qatar

= "We are still in the process of collecting cash."

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TheOlympics are best now ignored and not supported in anyway, including viewer interest. Corrupt to the core.

The scumbags running that show must laugh at the gawping peasants.

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