IOC's move to reintegrate Russia into Olympics meets opposition


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Official IOC policy is that no athlete should be punished or barred from competing solely because of the passport that they carry.

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Official IOC policy is to take as much money as they can and leave everyone else in the dust.

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Bach's motto - "Show me the money."

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Bach's motto - "Show me the money."

Pretty much.

The Russian team’s motto is ‘Show me the syringe’?

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No nation that has practiced dipping as an instrument of state policy should be allowed to compete ESPECIALLY one that then interfered in the subsequent investigation.

And dictators like Mini-me draw domestic support from atheists' success.

No Russia in the games until they own up, stop dropping on a national level and get out of Ukraine.

So, no Russia for the foreseeable future.

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"no athlete should be prevented from competing just because of their passport".

Get a different passport or stay home.

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We know it's all about the $$$ for the crooked IOC.

If these notorious drug-addled athletes are allowed to compete - it will be under the white flag as Russian and Belarus athletes are at the Australian open.

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If people don't like what the IOC is doing they should boycott the Olympics that would send them a message.

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