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IOC adds 7 medal events to 2022 Beijing Winter Games program; Tokyo 2020 swimming event times undecided


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Yeah I went to those Beijing swimming finals. Held in the morning for US broadcasters over the protests of swimmers who prefer heats and finals to be held all in 1 day, morning to evening.

Same reason the 2020 games are on the dates they are, better for US broadcasting. Too bad money is power, they need to think what’s best for the athletes and the host country fans instead

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It always seemed unfair to me that someone racing for 30 seconds gets the same notoriety as when a team of 2-11 competes for 3 hours in a final match/game.

Running a 5K race faster than anyone else is worth more than the 100m in my mind. Same for all those meddles for swimming 50, 100, 200, 400m courses for 4 different strokes.

Why don't divers get a meddle for each sort of dive they complete?

Just doesn't seem fair.

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women's monobob

I have no idea what this is, which must mean that I'm getting old.

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Just go ahead & add Pachinko and be done with it

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Two years and one week before the Tokyo Olympics open, the IOC published a detailed schedule Wednesday of when competitions will take place

I had a bleak hope they'll change the dates before announcing the schedule to save both athletes and fans from possible heatstrokes and sickness..Oh well..

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There are far too many swimming competitions at the Games.

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