IOC approves venue changes for 2020 Tokyo Olympics


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So many changes to save money? Was it that the original plan was approved during bubble economy?

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This is becoming more and more an embarrassment for Japan. The events will be spread all over Kanto or even more wide. They won the right to have the Olymopics with a proposal which has nothing to do anymore with the reality.

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Broken promises. Why am I not surprised?

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I know that it is disingenuous of Japan to promise one thing, and then to almost completely renege on it, but if it saves money, and utilizes current facilities, then who cares. The Olympics have become a symbol of waste and greed. Instead of trying to win by promising the moon, why doesn't a country try to host by being the cheapest and most efficient.

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Still under discussion is the proposal by Tokyo organizers to move cycling to an existing facility in Izu, about a one-hour train ride from Tokyo.

One hour? Maybe if you catch the shinkansen to Atami, and the cycling venue is at the very top of the peninsula. Maybe.

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I believe these moves were requested by the IOC as part of new cost-cutting long as Japan doesn't have to share an Olympics with South Korea I wholeheartedly approve.

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this is clearly cheating, what Tokyo proposed during the bid should be what IOC see on the actual Olympic event on 2020...Tokyo should be disqualified! unfair for other bidders who can stick with their original plan, IOC should be investigated as well like FIFA! How come Japan can get away with this mess? So all those presentations that Tokyo presented are just plain imagination? disqualify Tokyo and keep the beauty of this city as it is!

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The unsustainable expense of the current Olympic city selection process is wasteful.

Nearly all Olympic investment is useless after the twenty days of events are concluded.

The solution is regional camps shared and treated as international resources. Instead of bank breaking corruption inducing temporary facilities the Olympics should be held at permanent facilities for each of the five regions of the world the Olympic rings represent.

While Japan should be proud of her accomplishments and striving for successful Games, it is time for the wasteful competition between cities to end.

Permanent camps would host events, training and exchange platforms shared and universally invested in and rotated to allow the Games a long term vision that supports peaceful competition in a financially responsible design.

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The whole plan at the presentation would be completely different from one built in 2020. As a result spectators would be big surprised to see the differences at that time. It seems that Tokyo lied to win the Olympic bid.

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if the venues are still located in tokyo then who cares? building new state-of-the-art venues was ridiculous to begin with when you have facilities that can already be used. the ioc needs a total reform just like FIFA. both are corrupt money-wasting organizations that care nothing about the countries or cities that host their events. seriously, who's ever gonna play soccer in qatar again after all those stadiums are built?

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This shows that Tokyo cannot really afford to host the Olympics. It's like buying a house without the right budget, but convinced the real estate agents with fake personal informations and will end up with tons of unpayable debts trying to pay the house, and who's gonna pay these debts? the truth will come out! so before it's too late, disqualify Tokyo now.

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The new stadium is coming on pretty well.

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Promises about Fukushima. Promises about venues. Promises about the Olympic Stadium. So many promises, and so much back-tracking only about a year later.

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Will the tax payers in Izu, Shizuoka also have to pay for the "Tokyo" Olympics?

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Japan Yesterday

Will the tax payers in Izu, Shizuoka also have to pay for the "Tokyo" Olympics?

A very good question! I hope Shizuoka residents won't pay for Tokyo's mess. And I hope they stick to their word to use the existing cycling track and wont do any re-construction and wont create any damage to the beauty of Izu's nature.

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This sick joke gets sicker EVERY DAY that goes by!

Now I want this this question answered:

Is this 1.7billion in savings from the original budget(you the lies to the IOC!), or the one that skyrocketed off the moon towards the sun right after Japan

I mean if its the later, the original budget may still well likely be blown sky high!!!

My guess is its the later, what a disgusting mess!!!

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