IOC chief Bach hopes to visit Japan in October to meet Suga


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Immigration Officer at Narita: "Sorry Mr. Bach, you're not a resident with a pre-existing visa and you are coming from Switzerland, which is still on our blacklist. Entry denied."

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Of course he does, the taxpayer is footing the bill.

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Right, the taxpayer is footing the bill.

However - long term - the tax payer will benefit from this event as well.

While some countries pile up on debt for decades due to organising the Olympics, Japan will benefit from this global event in the mid-long term.

Believe it or not, if the 2030 goal of 60 million tourists per year is achieved* the government might be in a better position not to keep increasing taxes at the current pace.

*That would be double the tourism inbound in 2019, a record year with 30 million. This year, the goal was 40 million - very unfortunately ruined by the current pandemic.

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While some countries pile up on debt for decades due to organising the Olympics, Japan will benefit from this global event in the mid-long term.

Tourism is a dead end business with no value adding and no long term stability (unless you're willing to expose the rest of your country to the whims of foreigners.

You make a cell phone you turn 50 cents worth of raw materials into a $1000 product, your central bank can print $999.5 worth of currency to support the rest of the economy. You earn $1 from tourism, you expose your entire country to the whims of others.

Yeah sure, easy money and all, just let your 'assets' do the talking, but just ask who pays?

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@ AG

All good points, but I still don't buy it. Tourism was already going to increase regardless of the Olympics.

Having the olympics in Tokyo is diffrent that say the russian and koean winter ones ( I don't remember the names) where they never recoupped their ROI and even RIO was a considered a disaster in terms return. Even in the case for soft power can also be disputed.

The only ones making out are construction companies and their vertical models, which would be fine if it was the at the interest of the people unfortunately the Japanese system is known for rife with rig bidding contracts.

To the point, the people should of been given a referendum to decide the best use of their resources.

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Will he have to do two weeks quarantine on entry and when he returns?

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As long as everyone else is denied entry how about  Bach meets Suga via a video call. Not that hard is it , with Suga going on about digitizing J-govt business this would be a great start. Save taxpayer some dough too.

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Bag man.

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IOC Bach must be missing the five star hotel treatment, dedicated limousines, sycophantic Olympic officials and all staff ordered to smile in the presence of IOC members.

Life goes on unchanged for the Lords of the Rings,

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Let’s consider, as you mentioned above, that all those companies were the ones who ripped the benefits so far.

Now that all that money was spent in infrastructure and there is no way back, should we not just go ahead with it?

I can understand why many people are against the Olympics going ahead however:

Doesn’t building all the infrastructure and going ahead seem more reasonable then building everything and then cancel this historical event?

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We'll find out if he'll quarantine by watching the news.

Let's see if he's on TV after he arrives.

Can't wait to see the double standard.

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How about a phone call? or a video call? or does his nibs Bach expect to be waived through any quarantine process? Of course he does

The Olympics lost the Canadian athletes, then Australia and USA, with the rest following immediately after. Thank you Canada, Australia, USA and the rest who cancelled for showing leadership.

Better have a conference vid with all the players associations that bailed on the Olympics and explain what it's going to take for Tokyo to do 40,000 tests a day.

If you can't win Canada back then Japan should move ahead with the insurance payout. Save time and have the insurance agent on the call too.

Prolonging this dance is an insult to Japan who deserved better but at least should be getting the insurance. This is what insurance is for after all. Then the nation can move on to the post-Olympics stages to move the venues to public organizations, payout creditors etc

Olympics are going to be over for a long while. They only represent themselves and no ideal for humanity. Or did you really think you're going to support China who are up next given the concentration camps there and the fight for HK?

Too bad for the athletes but at least they can play in more local venues and in democracies

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Has no one told Bach about the entry ban. It will be interesting to see if the rules do not apply to him.

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...bet that's gonna be one thick envelope...

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Just in time to refill his wine and pockets.

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@Luddite Most likely the rules will not apply. The Olympics are ‘too important’ to bother Bach with such ‘petty rules’, I’m sure...

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Tests before and after arrival. Two weeks isolation in a govt approved facility. Contact tracing.

or Zoom.

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This is how the world is still.

The idea of a referendum on public events will never be entertained by the LDP -it is just ‘do as you are told!’

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