IOC chief confident about new stadium in Tokyo


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do they go with a different architectural firm?

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what else can he say????!

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sandhonour - I saw the headline and made my way here and you said EXACTLY what I was going to say.

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What about Nissan Stadium near Shin-Yokohama Station?

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It was the right decision by Abe to drop the current stadium plan. Japa's efficency will ensure whatever design is chosen it will be built in time for the Olympics. Well done Abe on this decision.

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So, the contract with Hadid will be cancelled. Does anyone know if cancellation penalties apply?

And why does it have to be an international competition? Sure J-architects should get the say in this.

Hope everything proceeds smoothly from now on.

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Have all Abe's friends and relations who received kickbacks returned the money?

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Not just Abe's but the IOC as well.

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Another new contract, another round of kickbacks, another layer of amakudari.

Don't worry, people of Tohoku, we'll get back to you about 2022.

Has Mori handed in his resignation after mishandling this even worse than his risible tenure as PM? Don't be silly, that would require accountability and honour.

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"Does anyone know if cancellation penalties apply?

I'm also interested in the answer to this question. On two TV news programs that I saw either Friday or Saturday, they mentioned Hadid's firm has already received some money, one said 1.3 billion yen, the other gave a different figure but I don't remember what it was.

Neither program gave any explanation as to what that money was for exactly, whether Hadid would have to return some of it or whether Japan would have to pay a cancellation fee, etc. I hope this doesn't end up being a court case dragged out for years wasting tax payer money.

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if engineering work had already started then there would be those costs plus probably a contract penalty. That would be expected.

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Penalties payments of a sort will be made whether that is in the form of a direct penalty or the "awarding" of a further consultation contract but whichever form it takes 1) Hadid will want to make sure her firm's reputation is protected so Japan will need to soften the "blow" somehow 2) Hadid's firm will more than likely still need to continue being part of the new setup because someone taking over mid way will need to know the engineering work already done etc.

So hey a win-win for Japan Inc!! Pity the Japanese taxpayer.

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“No, no, no,” said Bach, who was at the British Open to promote golf’s return to the Olympic program in 2016. “I’m really sure Japan will deliver. I have no doubt.”

seems, he is quite nervous. Relax, no FIFA like investigations will take place.

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Sucks big time for Rugby, and it also tells the rugby association just how much Japan actually respects it. The International rugby association should tell Japan to stuff it and take the WC elsewhere.

(However, news reports will probably tell in the not too distant future that the JRA tried to pay tons of money, (bribes) that should have been used for the stadium construction project,to the IRA to keep the WC in Japan, but being above that sort of crap the IRA sent the All Blacks team to Japan and had them declare war (figuratively speaking here) on the JRA and Abe with a dramatic display of the hakka in front of the Diet)

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Of COURSE he is! Big fat envelope for him!

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The stadium might nit be completed. Supposed to be begin construct in July. How long to select architect, rhen architecy firm/ Basic /Design and Jisshi Design for at least 2 years. Construction This is new xo expect confusion among subcontracters

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