IOC decision to pass the buck on Russia doping ban sparks backlash


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Who cares? This is one Olympic Games I'm not watching. Too many highly paid athletes and no real amateurs. Pity.

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A cowardly decision that sends the wrong message. Banning the Russians would have had an impact on any other potential doping practices. I guess money and politics meant more then morals... as so often.

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Just ban the Olympics or let them dope as much as they want & we can watch the freaks if we want to!

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I guess money and politics meant more then morals... as so often.

exactly. Also, its proves that Putin and his players have power and influence on international affairs.

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Proof once again the IOC are a complete joke, focused more on cash than the sport to which they insist is better to participate in that to win.

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It was upon a time a good tradition that at least Olympic Games were not 100 % politicized

Sometimes we need to relax a little

We have a lot of other possibilities to make a political games

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WADA is the one that can't be trusted why does it leave control of the samples with the host nation when there is the possibility of tampering. What about Peking was it very clean ? This whole charade reminds me of G.Bush using the U.N to deceive the world with unfounded claim that Saddam had WMD and had to be stopped and there are so many people who believed under the premise that the U.S. is a democracy and the president is speaking the truth. There are some external influence trying using WADA to deal a blow on Putin, no country is clean as regards doping, even the U.S should be looked with suspicion Armstrong, M.Jones etc. To think that athletes of certain countries are clean is naivety.

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I thinks its beyond time the entire IOC was FIRED!!! Far far too much incompetence all round let along just doping, its as bad as FIFA!!

FIRE them all!!!

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