IOC in contact with prosecutors amid Tokyo 2020 Olympic bid payment report


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the Tokyo bid team “or those acting on their behalf” paid about 1.3 million euros ($1.5 million) to the Black Tidings bank account in Singapore

Black tidings indeed.

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If Tokyo bribed their way into the Olympics, they should lose the right to host them in 2020 and give it to another country.

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I've just read the Guardian report, and it is hilarious!

"Asked about the alleged payment, the Japanese Olympic Committee – which oversaw the bid – said its press team was away on business for a week and was unable to respond."

What, the whole team?

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What, the whole team?

Maybe Golden Week.

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Doing business the Olympic way.

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Turkey was cleaner than Japan. Kudos to them. They didn't give in to pressure to pay bribes. Japan, paid the dirty money, got the event, exposed embarrassingly, and mired in debt and myriads problems hosting it. When the event is held, this what is at this point an allegation will cast a long shadow. The bid-winner turned out to be a big loser here. No wonder they scurried away hiding.

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If true Japan should lose the rights

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masuzoe did it! the way he spends our money, i wouldn't be surprised!

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Japanese officials, illicit payments and bribes. Surely not...

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masuzoe did it! the way he spends our money, i wouldn't be surprised!

Definitely. He most definitely was responsible for the bribery before he was even the governor of Tokyo, because he has this ability to see the future, and knew he would be governor soon.

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You know it's telling when you'd be more surprised if bribes WEREN'T paid!

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Sales of document shredders and hard disk erasers are about to increase.

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cancel the Tokyo olypics and free us from this debt-ridden mess. Please. We can already tell it's going to be a disaster anyway

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Of COURSE Japan bribed the judges! Anyone who ever doubted that has never been to Japan or worked with a Japanese company (or doesn't know about them). They're just going to deny it flat out, then later pull the usual, "Well, I don't know about how my secretaries spend my money!" and put the fall on some lackey. But it will most certianly be proven that Japan bribed for the bid.

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the IOC created the environment for all this. anyway, cancel Rio and Tokyo. Its all one giant quagmire of corruption.

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Japan just throws it into the "secret file" and no one can talk about it including the media.

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The report suggested Diack dropped his support for Istanbul’s bid because Turkey refused to pay, and backed Tokyo after the Japanese did pay. Tokyo defeated Istanbul 60-36 in the final round of IOC voting in 2013 in Buenos Aires.

the article seems to suggest that the prosecutors are going after Diack but perfectly happy to continue to allow Tokyo to host the olympics. Am I reading this wrong?

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IOC, bribery and corruption have been indissociable for a long time, probably since Samaranch in the 80s. When you make it a bidding war you put money at the centre.

From salt lake city to tokyo all cities who have hosted both winter and summer olympics have bribed ioc members, voting nations etc. From prossies, to gifts or cash we have seen it all. Tokyo are no better or worse than others am afraid.

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The following sentence also appeared in the Guardian article.

"The seven-figure payment from Tokyo 2020 also raises questions about the role of Dentsu, the Japanese marketing giant that has an all-encompassing sponsorship contract with the IAAF that runs until 2029, having been unilaterally extended by Diack in the final months of his presidency."

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Hopefully Dentsu and their subsidiaries will be nailed. A vile company that would market Pol Pot or Hitler if there was money in it.

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A vile company

Let's be fair, they're not always that nice.

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I don't know about you, but I'm shocked. Shocked.

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