IOC played safe for 2020, committee members say


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The real reason behind te decision is IOC members are all anime fans. Spain and Turkey just doesn't have Anime as good as in a Japan.

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Congratulations to Tokyo!! I am sure it is going to be a mess on the expressways during the Olympics. Not to mention the train concerns and security. It will be chaotic but it is nice to hear the news. I would really like to have a chance to see the Olympic Games.

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This makes me happy. Congratulations!

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well done - it will make for a memorable couple of years in Japan with the 2019 World Cup followed by the Olympics. I predict 2 victory Parades for NZ. One in 2019 as Three-peat World Champion and a follow up in the Olympic Sevens... gonna be sweet!

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I would also like to thank the Olympics bid Committees of Madrid and Istanbul who fought fair and square. Arigatou!

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In terms of political strife Japanese isn't a whole lot safer than the other bidders. Economy-wise, yes, until the games are over. How about safety in terms of recurring natural disaster, which could EASILY wipe out way more than what's happening in either of the other host nations?

Call it semantics, but I'm not sure 'safety' is the best word for justifying the choice, given what's happening in Fukushima.

Moderator: Please stop using the discussion board to spew out your anti-Japan bile.

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Mods: I'm not using this board to spew anti-Japan hate or bile, as you call it. I'm questioning the IOC's choice of Tokyo using the word 'safe' given what's going on in Fukushima. It's a perfectly valid argument. If another quake, like the 6.7 that went off last week, happened under the Fukushima plant Tokyo would not only not be able to host the Olympics, but would have to be evacuated -- the world's most populated city. In terms of the technical package it sounds like Tokyo did indeed have the better bid, and as such deserved it. In terms of geopolitics, while violence has not really occurred between China, SK, and Japan as of yet (and hopefully won't) I'm not entirely sure Japan is the safe bet in such regards. If they are, why increase defense spending?

Moderator: You've been using the discussion board to post anti-Japan rants for way too long. A simple congratulations to Tokyo will do just fine instead of the fear-mongering drivel you're posting here. There will be no further warnings.

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IOC played safe for 2020

I beg to differ...

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CGB SpenderSep. 08, 2013 - 01:34PM JST

The real reason behind te decision is IOC members are all anime fans.

You are kidding. Old timer like me hate Anime. It just turns me off as I see a "distance to humanity" and I cannot see 50 shades of grey in it.

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Well, if they say so I feel safe.

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Very, very happy Tokyo got the nod. Been with my Nihonjin tomodachis here in the states all day toasting Tokyo's success with Dom (up to six bottles as I post),

Such a great day for all of Japan!!!!


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@fightingviking @silly girl

Yes, my reaction also. What a strange headline. After getting over the headline began to think what it's going to be like getting around Tokyo in the lead-up and during the events. Wife said we should move out of Tokyo before things heat up.

Then: boy, if they've been suppressing information about Fukushima all this time when they really didn't have a good reason to, what's it going to be like now?

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haters will hate...but I think this is awesome! 2020 will be a great year for Japan!

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and with the 2019 Rugby World Cup, the next 7 years will be fun. Japan needs a big boost. I hope it gives a lot of young people incentive and motivation to play/study/work hard to achieve their goals. Also it's a good chance to create business opportunities. Go Tokyo!

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@umbrella many 100s of billion yen will be wasted on a 2 week party, its the after party hangover thatll really go to the Japaneses heads, through a mountain of debt on top of what theyve already got to pay. if you think that tourism will increase covering the bill, think again . London is only the rage only until Brazil gets there turn, then Japan will be for 4 years until the next sucker city is lured into the trap.

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Tokyo ensured security, also there was no problem with regard to financing, nor for the construction of venues nor the organization.

The country with the highest percentage of debt for any developed country? Where is this money coming from? The money we all sent to Tohoku after the tsunami? I like Japan, I am saying this out of genuine concern for her fine people. I want to know how this is possible?

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I just can imagine how hard the IOC decision was. Three great cities, struggling to overcome their respective worries in wrong timing, competing for world events. I am hoping for their peace of mind and judgement. May it be the divine choice. Thank you Mr. Rogge and the IOC family.

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"safe for 2020"?? hmm.... I guess since you can't see radiation with your own eyes, Tokyo really is much safer than Turkey or Spain...

Japan will now have all the world's eyes on Fukushima. Good luck.

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I personally would have liked for Istanbul to win. Just as South Korea at that time, it might have given them a push for democratic changes and make them an even better ally for the west. Tokyo is a very well developed capital city, there is enough of all already, if not inside Tokyo, a short train ride will get you there. But maybe that's the nagging point for the Tokyo Mayor: The biggest arenas are in Kanagawa and in Saitama, Intl airport and Disney Resort is in Chiba. Tokyo only has the Sky Tree to call it's own for "biggest".

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I thought it would be Madrid because of the Fukushima scare. I'm actually surprised. I'm also very happy they picked Tokyo because I want to go and see at least one event. So I can check that box off my "things to do before I die" list. If you have lived in Japan then you know that this country is excellent at moving large numbers of people. You can travel very easy here with little or no Japanese. As far as the radiation problem goes, Fukushima is quite far from Tokyo and any of the event locations. Now the Japanese government has a timetable with a deadline, it should be enough to light a fire under their butts to get a cap on the radiation problem. I hope it also gives Japan an economic boost... even if it is a small one.

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Honestly speaking, it was very difficult for Turkey to win due to its recent doping scandals and the tremendous amount of spending they had to make on their infrastructure.

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Congrats to Japan. Turkey made a mistake supporting Obama and the Spaniards... Well, they are sports drug masters... No way.

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I hope the good Japanese people will learn to speak better English, and German, and French, and Italian, and Chinese, and Koreans, and Arabic, and Polish, and Russian, and Spanish and Latin.............. LOL

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