IOC responds to Paris mayor on Olympic plan for Russians


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I'm glad Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo is taking a strong stand against Putin's invasion.

The IOC, by it's nature as a scam that robs cities of their wealth for the benefit of corporate sponsors, only makes decisions based on politics and the benefit of their members.

On a side note: Hidalgo's also been fantastic on other issues such as urban planning and ending car-dependence in Paris: reducing traffic, improving walkability, bike-ability, air quality, etc. Much to the dismay of a minority that wants to live in an American-style hellscape of freeways and parking lots.

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Hidalgo is a great mayor,who really cares about her capital city.She stands up to corporate shills,who would exploit the area for short term financial gain,at the expense of the long term consequences for the local taxpayers.

Unlike some...

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S. Africa was banned for Aparteid and it's athletes as well.

This is no different.

That Russia cheats as an instrument of state policy is the cherry on the top on the argument for banning them.

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If Putin gains any entertainment, then limits that allow Russian athletes to compete have failed. Block them from all sports where their Olympic and anti-doping agencies have dragged their feet at all on determining the truth. Russia is gaming the IOC. This needs to stop.

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Welcome Russians to the Olympics, lol!!..

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Ukraine will become a loser proposition for European, Zelensky delivery of a delusional peace plan , season European leaders, should know better,it do have any traction in Washington,if the European want Ukraine to a member of the EU,they should start paying for their defense,NATO chief in the US , trying to keep up support for Ukraine,not knowing American have moved on from caring about Ukraine

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Putin has put fear in the heart of European,you have NATO Secretary rambling about a Chinese Balloon,that do not concern NATO,he just over here in America,trying too prop up an alliance,when the majority of American do not care about NATO,being spooked by Putin , European running to America for protection,when American do not care about protecting them

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