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IOC says Tokyo 2020 needs to cut $1 bil from budget


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In other words Mori has no desire to cut the cash flow to his friends and other cronies. Everybody knew that as soon as Japan was awarded the games that it would be the biggest cash grab for anybody associated with the gov't and the LDP. Now the IOC wants to cut down on the waste, but Mori will have none of it, he wants every yen he can get out of this. What a shame!

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I wonder how IOC granted Tokyo the Olympics for 2020! Shouldn't all these things be checked upon prior to declaring the host? The overall cost should have been in the bidders ( Japan in this case ) submitted plans and yet they did not analyze all these. If the host country doesn't work within its proposed plans then they should be penalized and stripped off the rights of hosting the games...bunch of idiots on both sides!

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just stop the bribes then? i am sure much more that the is set aside for bribes and "entertainment"

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Fire Mori and the other amakudari immediately and replace them with the cardboard cutouts that serve as security at post-offices; they'll be equally effective and perhaps even provide better ideas, and you'd save a good chunk of the cost right there.

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