IOC: Tokyo's huge cost could scare off cities considering bids for future Olympics


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How very paradoxical yet apt that it might be Tokyo and Japan that drives the final nail in the coffin of a now cynical movement that was conceived in idealism. Hollowing out ideals is what Japan does so well.

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Well, gee... maybe a couple of weeks ago when you were saying the venues should stay where they are in Tokyo despite the higher costs, and the athletes are the most important thing, you could have thought a little about what you were saying first.

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huge cost could scare off cities considering bids for future Olympics

Good. Then it won't be a total loss.

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Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. The Olympic "movement" is now a pariah. Hope I live long enough to see one cancelled because of lack of funds. Then send these fat IOC swine home and penniless.

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Hosting the games was supposed to generate a net profit. A lot of people believed that!

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IOC: Tokyo's huge cost could scare off cities considering bids for future Olympics

AND maybe cost Abe his reelection...? One can dream and hope.

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A top IOC official renewed his demand Thursday that Japanese organizers further reduce their $18 billion budget ceiling for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, saying the figure could scare off cities considering bids for future games.

You don't say!

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Simply spread the venues out over a region; they 'host cities' don't necessarily have to be in the same country.

This way areas like Southeast Asia, Africa, and Central and South America can ride the Olympic gravy train as well.

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Someone earlier had a great idea. Keep them in one city....back to Athens. Winter sports in Norway or even Nagano, where there is snow even with climate change.

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I find it so hilarious that the IOC is emphasizing that a country use existing facilities to reduce costs when the IOC itself never gives the games to a city that already has the facilities. Brazil, Socchi, Tokyo all won the games by promising to build new billion dollar arenas.

If reuse is important, let Athens host it again, or London and so on.

Tokyo lied in its bid. Pure and simple and should lose the Olympics.

I love the idea behind the Olympics: Athletes coming from all over the world to meet one another, to share in each other's culture, and to compete after training for so many years and giving your home country some pride.

And then it got corporate.

NBC pays billions for television rights and dictates start times for the main sports, cities spend ludicrous amounts of money just to be awarded the games, and the economic benefit of holding the games never reaches the citizens who are displaced or the problems a country should be spending money on.

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The reason given for cancelling the stadium they promised to have ready for the Rugby World Cup in 2019 was that i was too expensive, but they are having trouble staying within 4 times the original budget?! Seems like they have a lot of fat to cut but the knife became dull right after they got rid of the foreign designer...uh, I mean expensive stadium.

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Keep the Olympic Games in a couple of Cities thereby the costs would be curtailed rather than sending them around the World and having Citizens pay for this "garbage"!

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Trillions of yen spent on sports......!

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