IOC warns countries that block athletes for political reasons risk harming Olympic host bids


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I would argue that an organisation so steeped in corruption that even the Tokyo Old Boys' Club are seeing legal repercussions for such blatant bribery (albeit with nothing more than suspended sentences) is not in any position to be lecturing anyone about appropriate conduct.

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If only the IOC had the moral high ground to criticize countries, but looking at how fully submerged in corruption the officials are, it feels like they are just making fun of the situation.

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The biggest winners have always been the cities that loses out on hosting an Olympics. The cities chosen are doomed financially to build/refurbish sites for something that only lasts one month tops with little hope of ever recouping all the money it spent to appease the IOC. Ask any Japanese if they think hosting the 2020(21) Summer Olympics in Tokyo was money well spent.

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Japan, please block your athletes. Public money has no business being squandered on this ponzi scheme.

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Fantastic news.

Tom Bach I salute you sir.

The Olympics are non political and strive for unity and peace. Discrimination based on nationality will not be tolerated.

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The Olympics are non political and strive for unity and peace...

Yep, that's how it should be, athletes regardless of there countries politics should be allowed to compete...

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They don't care about keeping it "non political". More countries participating, more people watching = more money. They have no problem making things political if they think it will benefit them.

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There needs to be repercussions for any aggressor country. If you attack another country though violence, then all international organization bans (banking, sports, trade) should reflect that almost automatically.

Same for mass killings internally and human rights violations.

Acting in a peaceful way should be expected if you want to come play.

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I agree with not banning athletes due to political reasons but the IOC has to do their job and ban athletes & countries for doping which it still hasn't done.

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The games need to die already. They are so steeped in corruption and politics already. Hopefully this move by the IOC kick-starts things.

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