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Ireland makes rugby history with test series win over New Zealand


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Fantastic effort.

My dad will be dancing in heaven.

They deserved this.

Outplayed the all blacks.

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Tap those kegs full of the black stuff, because Irish eyes are indeed smiling tonight! I was shocked. Just too good for the Kiwis from 1 to 15. Well done, Shamrocks! Enjoy the celebrations!

Ireland would have to be in with a shout for the WC next year now. NZ...probably time to rebuild.

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Next year's RWC will be fun!

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Great result, just wish I could have been there to watch the game.

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The best team won on the day. But NZ current coach is about as much use as an ashtray on a motorcycle. Time he moves on

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Amazing biceps of the guy holding the foot of the guy with the ball, but the foot-holding guy's jaw could be whacked by the same foot whose quads are just so sculpted. A rugby layman I am but hats off to the colossal muscles stoically at work.

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Well, some day it would happen..

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Congratulations Ireland, well deserved !

New Zealand played well too, fought a worthy battle - though this time, lost the game. Next time... maybe.

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Wonderful Game. Best team won.

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