Irish gymnast slams 'slippery' pommel horse after virus case at worlds


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Wouldn't it be better to test all the athletes and get the results before starting the day's competitions?

That Columbian athlete shouldn't have been competing.

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Unless you’re a Gymnast of any capacity, who are you to question him ?

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If McClenaghan stopped to insist the equipment was restored to a suitable state, he'd still be condemned.

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Its an extremely dangerous sport.

Printing that (above all) a British gymnast had no problem because it is all down to his clearly superior "focus"? Classic playing to the gallery/anti-Irish stuff. He did not have the power to demand..."an immediate inspection of the equipment and to give it time to dry off and to be able to add powder in order to make it fair...."

He is a young vulnerable athlete who - yes- needs 100% "focus", but obviously poor competition management and the slippery pommel effected this. Hopefully he will come back stronger for it.

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Cunningham should have either supported his fellow gymnast or said nothing. Next week it could be him somewhere else. Gymnasts need to stand together and demand respect. One slip and it could be a life-changing injury.

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A Japanese gymnast just suffered a severe spinal injury. All conditions have to be 100% right for them the safely compete. But it also reads like the U.K’s Cunningham has his head in the game more than Ireland’s McGlenaghan:

“Britain's Dominick Cunningham, who was also in the group waiting to come on, said the wait was "obviously a huge distraction".

But Cunningham, who competed in the vault and floor exercises, said he put it "straight to the back" of his mind. "If you start thinking that they've cleaned all the equipment, you're going to start messing up," he said. "If you just focus on your job, that's the main thing." -

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So what is the complain? that measures had to be taken? or that they were badly done?

if she noticed the lack of chalk made the thing slippery why not asking for it to be applied?

-3 ( +4 / -7 )

He should have stopped midway through his turn once he realized it was unusually slippery.

He could have requested an immediate inspection of the equipment and to give it time to dry off and to be able to add powder in order to make it fair.

Him posting this afterwards on Instagram and making a sarcastic comment about it makes him look immature.

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Did the other competitors used a different equipment?

-11 ( +4 / -15 )

Seems like the only person affected was him, nothing to see here move on.

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