Ishihara says support for Tokyo's Olympic bid will grow


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An IOC poll found that only 47% of Tokyo residents support the bid, far below the rate of support enjoyed by the two other bidders. The IOC poll showed 78% supported Madrid’s effort while 73% are behind the Istanbul bid.

it may grow 1 or 2% but if Ishihara keeps quiet it may go up by 50% still far behind Madrid and Istanbul.

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ravings of a demented man.

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there are too many other problems in this country to worry about without thinking about pouring money down the drain on this pipe dream

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Nice to see that Ishi has replaced his shovel with some real earth-moving equipment (from Komatsu of course!) for that hole he is digging for himself..

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Yep, what a selish bunch we are for caring about things other than this old fools personal agenda. My son called me selfish the other day because I curtailed his wii time after an hour - but my son is 6 years old. What is Ishiharas excuse?

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Tokyo, Madrid, Istanbul: Only fiscally irresponsible countries need apply.

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Welcome to cloud cukoo land where ishihara continues to squander money on useless unneeded unwanted projects. When will the baajin finally wise up and charge this muppet with wasting public funds that could be used in so much more profitable ways.

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And if support doesn't grow, he'll hold his breath and take his ball home until it does grow.

And if anyone tells the IOC about last night's earthquake, you'll get no toffees.

This man's behaviour would be embarrassing in a six-year-old. He's really not speaking from a position of strength when he starts bandying around accusations of only caring for oneself.

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I hate to say it but I think he's right. People aren't supportive and are tired of this loon wasting their money but IF Tokyo did get the Olympics (please god, no, don't give this man what he wants) I think people would come around and be excited. Not everyone but many. Thing is, no one wants them now because they are so tired of the money on this and know it would cost more. I'm hoping for Turkey!

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"“If we are chosen in Buenos Aires, I can assure you the Japanese people will become very supportive in a short time,” Ishihara said at a press conference on Friday."

And why on earth, from business to sporting events, would anyone choose a company or country that is unmotivated and unsupportive over countries that are otherwise extremely motivated and supportive strictly based on the promise that things will get better AFTER they're chosen? That's bad business all around, particularly given the surly, xenophobic man giving the promises -- he's berated the IOC and other host nations, and even his own people, countless times in the past when things haven't gone his way. The IOC would be nuts to trust him. The only thing that's going to get Tokyo this bid is; lawfully, their strong technological presentation, and unlawfully, the bribes Ishihara is collecting money for. Immorally they might get some sympathy by the Japanese officials and Ishihara claiming that the IOC would be supporting the people of Tohoku by selecting Japan (and I have NO doubt Ishihara will pull some "you have spit in the face of the people up north suffering" comment if Japan doesn't get it).

Put simply, Japan doesn't deserve it yet, and clearly doesn't want it. There's little support, and the bid is led by fanatics and megalomaniacs who simply do not have the nation's interest at heart -- only their pocketbooks. While Ishihara is an extreme example, he IS still an example of the fact that Japan still has a LONG way to go before they can prove they are a nation capable of hosting and being friendly to a LARGE number of foreign nationals. I'm not knocking your average Japanese on this one, I'm talking about radicals, and beyond people I'm talking about infrastructure and support.

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Tokyo 2020: Just Say "NO" Spoiled Selfish Tokyoite

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Ishihara was quoted as saying: Ve have vays of making our people kooperate!

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I am sick reading news about this crazy Ishihara and Hashimoto. Fascist Japan is showing their real face with less power. I am sorry for the innocent Japanese that are unable to complain overtly about radiation and poisoning and public money misuse and inefficient rebuilding of earthquake areas.

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Hmmmm... Is he really collecting money for those islands or is it for bribes???

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ishihara is exactly what japan needs!

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If the IOC hears how Ishihara incessantly insults China, using a long out-of-date slur whenever mentioning the country, and think carefully about who will be in a bigger position to support the IOC's ravenous appetites, a creaking, rattling, radiation-covered land of dottering old folks or a country with a huge population of youth and a growing economy, the IOC will think more than twice about awarding the prize to Tokyo. He's a disgrace to Japan. But the people of Tokyo have chosen him for more than a decade and they will receive the consequences.

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Getting closer to 2020 , there will be not enough young people to run Olympics..as the birth rate was very low, Less young people, rest of it Single living is high, Elderly homes are rapidly increasing ,

old people will naturally forget everything...No Olympics ...

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