Ishikawa ends two-year title drought


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I like Ishikawa, but I always feel a little bit sorry for him... He seems shy, and appears to dislike the publicity, and I always get the feeling he has been pushed into doing this job by an over zealous parents.

However ... congratulations! :D

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Good for him. However, I am worried that he might be burning out. He was crying during his post tournament news conference. His face is covered with acne. Wonder if it might be time for a short break from it all to recharge his batteries.

Obviously not winning in two years was tough, but he'd already had won 9 tournaments which is much more than your typical pro golfer wins in an entire career. Maybe expectations need to be lowered a bit. He is still only 21 and he should win many more tournaments, if he stays healthy both physically and mentally. His management team better take care to not push him too hard and overload his schedule. Otherwise, he could end up like many phenoms: a few brilliant seasons only to be followed by many more years of injuries and average results. Hopefully, they are given him time to step back and enjoy all of his success.

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“bashful prince"

I watched "Supiidoo Laaaninguu" commercial and never noticed he was this kind of a person.

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Like Jumbo Ozaki, lots of domestic wins, but few, if any on the International circuit. But he seems to be a much more honest player than Ozaki...

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This young knight had many other thoughts on his mind over the past two years,let`s see how he produces from now on !

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Congratulations to the young man, and Good Luck!

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Would that he could win off his home turf. The ball and clubs are the same, and the Japanese courses I've played are sufficiently challenging. Why can't more Japanese golfers win abroad?

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