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Ishikawa leaves key pro golf roles after caught violating quarantine


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Eh? He was allowed to quarantine at a golf club?

Wouldnt mind a 14 day quarantine at the golf club bring my handicap down a bit

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In Japan, “hypocrisy” is ONLY if politicians, celebrities & athletes are ‘caught in the act’ of doing something wrong. - If NOT, it’s “*business, as usual”*:

- “Ishikawa was photographed entering the golf lodge after a round on a course in Chiba Prefecture on Oct 27, only days after he returned home from Cali, where he took part in a Korn Ferry Tour qualifying event.

- “Ishikawa ignored Japan's public health orders, quoting an unnamed source who said Ishikawa was among a group that played on the same course as the general public, and another claimed he held drinking parties at night.” -

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I have been spending my 14-day quarantine period at an approved golf club and undergoing daily health monitoring, but I admit I was partially at fault, and I am sorry," Ishikawa said in a statement.

Approved golf club? Approved for what?

And partially at fault? Who has the other part of the fault?

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I still remember having to put up with people fawning all over this guy before it shifted to Nishikawa (before that shifted). I would say, "You should be watching Matsuyama, not this guy," and they'd say, "I don't like Matsuyama... he's chubby!"

Then of course, those same people loved Matsuyama when he won, and turned bright red when I asked them how Ishikawa was going.

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Ishikawa got great fanfare from the Japanese press and public when he turned pro, but he’s never really done anything since.

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"Liar and a cheat. Shameful behaviour."

Calm down,Tommy. Should we just throw Mr. Ishikawa in jail for attempted genocide? Send in a medical biohazard SWAT team? You people are afraid of your own shadows. Er, sorry, there are no shadows as the sky is falling.

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Looking forward to my quarantine in an 'approved love hotel'.

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if we violate quarantine, we get deported... wonder what is Ishikawa's punishment...

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