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Ishikawa not fazed by struggles


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Needs to compete less and spend quality time really practicing/developing his game. Most top U.S. pros only play in 20 or so tournaments a year. His game will not go to the next level if he competes virtually every week. His sponsors need to back off.

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"Ryo Ishikawa has displayed a level of maturity beyond his years in handling success. Now the 19-year-old Japanese golfer is showing he can take the disappointments with the same cool composure."

Good. Humility is a positive thing some times. I've always liked this kid's character. Now, if the media would leave him alone to develop his skills through practice (I agree with herefornow) he might become the champion the media makes him out to be.

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Ryo Ishikawa seems like a very sincere individual.

However, you have many talented young European players and two young players in Japan are developing.

Media spotlight and staying on the Japan PGA Tour is not helping; he is on the borderline of being "a fantastic player" to being "overtaken" by younger players who are already playing well on both the USA PGA Golf Tour and European PGA Golf Tour.

Murray at tennis seemed to find it hard to last 5 sets and was always tired but now he is ok. It appears that when Ishikawa puts in a great round of golf in America - and in the Masters this year,several good rounds of golf; then afterwards he appears jaded.

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Gasp! I actually agree with both herefornow and smithinjapan. I don't know that competing in tons of domestic tourneys is a bad thing but competing in a ton of domestic tourneys plus the overseas travel, pro-ams, promotional appearances, etc is bound to be harmful.

It'd be nice if he could get some space to let his game grow naturally. He could easily be one of the top players in the world, IMO, but all this pressure to perform at a young age could be harmful. So could having so much early success, people expect more and more, as I am sure he does of himself...

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Ryo-kun has pledged all his competition earnings this year to Tohoku, so I think all the other competitors ought to blow all their shots and let him win everything no matter how badly he plays.

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Well it's obvious he's playing in Japan because that's where the money is. He probably makes as much or more in endorsements & appearance money in Japan than prize money, but at some point(still very young of course) he'll have to either make the safe choice of continuing to stay at home or take his chances playing more often overseas.

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Ideally you'd say he should move to the US or European tours so he can grow as a player and a person. But the problem is that he will be continually in the spotlight wherever he goes so he might as well stay in Japan for a few years to rake in the sponsorships and the prize winnings. I know he is in a bit of a trough at the minute but we all know that form is temporary, so I can see him coming good again sooner rather than later.

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I think Japan has been waiting for a truly great player to come out of the country for quite some time and Ryo could be the next superstar of golf. He certainly seems like he has the goods, But in reality, he seems different. He already possesses one of the more solid swings that you'll ever see. The plane, his tempo, his repetiveness are all equally impressive, but his shot-making ability and control of his game at such a young age is what really seems to stickout the most. I hope this extemely talented young Ryo becomes the next phenom from Japan.

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Ryo got the potential but current trend assumes he will be pushed like others and burnout before he can reach his true peak.

Seen it way too often.

Hope he can fight the push and advance at his optimum pace for a multi-decade career.

Tiger Woods also burned out way too fast, IMHO.

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Tiger Woods also burned out way too fast, IMHO.

Given where he was a few years ago, yeah. Not sure if it was burnout or just so many injuries. His disclosed injury list over the past 10 years is horrific.

Hopefully Ryo-kun can avoid all that.

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