Djokovic to face Italy's Berrettini in Wimbledon final


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Boring and predictable.

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Boring and predictable.

Maybe. Barty has been great to watch though. I’m sure you’re hoping she’ll do you Aussies proud.

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Where have I been ?, did know Wimbledon was going on. I guess Naomi Osaka didn't take part

which might explain the reason I didn't realise due to the lack of media attention, but then didn't

Nishikori take part ? As a neutral, will root for both.

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Djoko is a great player, but I've lost all respect to him ever since he showed absolutely no regrets about running the super-spreader tennis tournament last year. Plus, his tendency to call a medical time-out at the most unusual of times and miraculously recover perfectly from supposed injuries. If that happens, I hope Berrettini does what his girlfriend did the other day against Ostapenko.

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There is lot more vintage tennis yet to come from the rackets of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal. All the best to Matteo Berrettini and Novak Djokovic in the summit clash.

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Djokovic wins Wimbledon then the US Open and is uncontested all-time great.

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Boring and predictable.

nobody is forcing you to watch.

assuming Berretini will hold his nerves and play well, it will be an interesting clash of opposite styles. Djoko heavily favorite though

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Exciting and fun.

Can't wait to see Djokovic tie Roger and Rafa's record of 20 Grand Slam titles. Go Novak! Felt bad for Hurkacz however. He's a likable guy with a good game, but he just couldn't get settled into this one. He deserved better.

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