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J.League club Urawa condemns racist tweet


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I enjoy sledging and I sledge anyone, anytime ,anywhere, if they are in competition with me that is. I have tone it down a bit since going to the Japanese baseball because I only have limit Japanese.

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@john yes sledging is a part of sport and a good physiological tool against your opponent, some say its un-sportsman but I say if you dont have the mental toughness to take the abuse you shouldn't be playing the professional sport. Having said that when it comes race this line shouldn't be crossed, sledging a person because of their race is unacceptable.

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Sledging? I never heard that word before. Is it UK slang? Explain please

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So basically a person trolling on the Internet could call himself or herself an Urawa Reds fan and say something racist to try and get the team in trouble? I understand punishing the team for allowing racist banners in the stadium. If the person is indeed found out, ban him or her from future games.

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Good that Urawa has learned somewhat from the past and quickly condemned what happened. I hope that on top of it they have banned the person in question from attending any and all games and events in the future, because... sorry, but the guy may have apologised and quickly deleted the post and account, but I can guarantee he is only sorry about being caught, not about what he said.

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@john & wtf

This keyboard warrior wasn't sledging, he was trolling


Sledging is a cricket term, so it's Aussie / British / Kiwi slang, meaning verbal abuse of your opponent to put them off their game

@urawa red diamonds

I love it when you lose because you have disgusting fans

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